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1/4 " per Foot minimum. At least this is what I get out of "Code Check", ISBN # 1-56158-409-6. There is a lot to Plumbing on how pipes are sized, vented and connected. This book is worth getting-I found it on E-bay for less than $10.00.

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Q: How much slope per foot is needed for a sink drain pipe?
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How much slope per foot toilet drain?

All drains slope 1/4 inch per foot, minimum. Too much slope,though, can mean pulling water out of the trap or goose neck on a toilet.

How much slope do you need for a drain pipe from a new bathroom and what do you do if there isn't enough slope?

One quarter inch per foot is standard "slope". This equates to a quarter bubble on a level. If you don't have at least one eighth of an inch "slope", your drain will not work properly and will clog constantly.

How much slope required in toilet drain pipe?

1/8 to 1/4 inch drop per foot of length.

How do you tell how much slope is on an existing drain pipe?

With a level

What should the slope be for a shower PVC drain pipe in a home?

One-quarter inch per foot is both the standard practice all around the country and the minimum slope (or grade) allowed by most codes. If maintaining that much slope is a problem, an exception can be requested from the administrative authority.

How much slope do you need for a drain pipe a dishwasher?

A dishwasher drain pipe actually goes up to just under top of cabinet, then down slightly to join sink drain in next cabinet.

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Can you have too much slope on a toilet drain line?

No. If you think about it, upstairs toilets actually drain through the walls and down under the foundation and footings, so you would have a 100% slope there. You can have too little slope, but never too much, since gravity is actually what drains a toilet. Yes you can. Pipes that run vertical are not a problem because friction is not acting on either the solid or the liquid matter. Where a pipe is sloping steeply the water can run away leaving solid matter behind.

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How much fall do you need for a 4 inch drain line?

2% (1/4" per foot) unless first approved by your plumbing inspector. If there is a lack of grade to allow for the fall you may be allowed to upsize the drain to 6" and run it at 1% (1/8" per foot)

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