How much smaller is 0.3 than 3?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How much smaller is 0.3 than 3?
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Is 28 oz smaller than 03 oz?

no it is not smaller because 28 is larger than 3

Is 3 fifths the same as 3.5?

No. 3 fifths is 0.6 and so it is much smaller than 3.5 is.

The Sahara Desert covers 3 12 square miles Does that mean it is much smaller roughly equal or much larger than the US?

The Sahara is slightly smaller than the contiguous 48 states of the United States.

Is 5 smaller than -3?


Is 3 or 09 greater?

09. 3=03 and so 03 is less than 09

How much bigger is the cello than the double bass?

Ummm... A cello is about 1/3 "smaller" than a double bass.

Is minus 3 smaller than plus 5?

Yes. -3 is smaller than +5. Any negative number is smaller than any positive number.

Is 3 8ths bigger or smaller than 0.4?

3/8 is 3 divided by 8 = 0.375 which is smaller than 0.4

Is 1 over 8 smaller than 3 over 4?

1/8 is smaller than 3/4.

What do you call it when the numerators are the with smaller denominator?

There is no specific name.-4 is smaller than -3 and (-4)/(-3) = 4/3 is a positive improper fraction.-4 is smaller than 3 and (-4)/3 = -4/3 is a negative improper fraction.-2 is smaller than 3 and (-2)/3 = -2/3 is a negative proper fraction.3 is smaller than 4 and 3/4 is a positive proper fraction.Thus, the fraction can be negative or positive, proper or improper.

How much bigger is mercury than earth?

Mercury is much smaller than earth.

How much does 3 percent equal?