How much space in 1000 songs?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How much space in 1000 songs?
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How much hard drive space is necessary to store 1000 songs?

Approximately 3GB would store 1000 songs. Storage space needed varies depending on length and quality of the songs, but 3GB would cover 1000 songs at 3MB each.

How much songs can a 4gb ipod nano hold?

2GB- 500 songs 4GB-1000 songs 5GB-1500 songs 8GB-2000 songs

How much does a space shuttle weigh in kg?

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Why is a iphone using to much GB storing music?

It could be that the songs on your iphone are abundant and numerous ... Added with your iphone not having much storage on it ... it also could not be the songs that are "using " up space on your iphone ... Apps, movies , pictures take up as much space on your iphone as songs...

How many songs does an iPod touch have?

It depends on how much space or how much music the person as on their iPod.

Does it matter how much space a song takes up for an ipod touch or does it just depend on the number of songs?

It depends on how long your songs are and how much space they take up. When Apple says that an iPod will hold, say, 7,000 songs, it is based on an average of 4 minutes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding (which means how much space it takes up).

1000 songs in your pocket?

1000 songs in your pocket - this tag line is for which productApple's iPod Nano

How much music does 3.6 gb hold?

300 songs 500 pictures or 1000 apps

How many songs can an ipod nano hold?

The 4 Gb version is said to hold up to 1000 songs, but that would depend on the size and storage density. The iPod shuffle comes in three different versions, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. According to specs given by Apple, the 1GB can hold up to of 240 songs, and the 4GB can hold up to 1000 songs.

How much computer memory is required for downloading songs?

It really depends on how many songs you want to have, and also the size of the file. If you are downloading higher bitrate songs, you will require more space for each song. Generally 1 gb of space can hold an average of 256 songs.

How many minute songs can 4 gigabytes hold?

4 GB can hold about 1000 songs. This depends on your player though. Also it depends on the size of the songs. If the songs are 4mb then it's about 1000 songs.

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