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85 million a day, that's about 1 cup

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Q: How much sperm does a man make a day?
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How many sperm produce a men per day?

A man produces approximately tens of MILLIONS of sperm per day.

Does smoking tea and sperm get you high?

yeah especially the sperm make sure you use man sperm not womens

How sperm a made in man?

first you must make an incision into your testes onnly then can you have sperm

Is that taking out sperm is harmfull?

A man losing sperm, or ejaculating, is not harmful in any way. He will just make more. A man can totally replace his sperm in about 3 days.

What is the composition of sperm?

Since sperm contain the DNA of the man they pretty much have the same composition as the man. Protein for the most part.

Are micro penis and zero sperm count connected?

I think they are connected. If a man has a small penis he won't be able to produce as much sperm. Finding a man who is well endowed is probably best if you want to make a baby.

Can a man without testicles make sperm with food suppliments?

No. Without testicles, there is nothing to create them.

About how many sperm will a man make in a day?

First, "sperm" is a short way of saying, "spermatazoa". A single sperm cell is called a , "Spermatazoon" (Sperm-uh-tuh-ZOE-uhn) A teenage boy can make an average of 85 million sperm per day for each testicle. The total per day is then 85 million x 2 = 170 million sperm. As a male gets older, the sperm count tapers down. Sperm are made in the testicles all day long and all night long. They combine with a milky fluid called Semen in order to leave the body. Semen contains a little sugar to nourish the sperm, and a little bit of chemical to keep the sperm from spoiling.

How many sperm cells does a man produce each day?


Does guy sperm ever runs out?

The answer to your question is: No. A man can continue producing viable sperm until the day he dies. The amount can diminish if a man has recently ejaculated.

Can a male feel the sperm coming?

Yes a man can feel the sperm coming.The sperms when coming make the man move more faster.

Can the fluid from a man before sperm make u pregnant?


How much sperm did man have?

Every time a man ejaculates there is about one teaspoon full.

How often does a man produce sperm a day?

Men produce sperm continuously from puberty onwards as long as there is no illness or disease.

How much sperm does a man have in his body?

More than a billion.

How much does a camera man earn?

A camera man can make up to a 1000$ a day If filming a theater film .And anything lower like sports you can make 500$ a day.

How do you treat a man that cant produce babies?

If you mean how to do you treat a man that cannot produce sperm, there is sadly not much that you can do to allow him to produce more sperm.

Can you get pregnant from a little sprem?

You can, but the more sperm you have the better. If ur tryin to get preggers make sure ur man can make a lot of sperm.

In a man the sperm is limited or unlimited?

Unlimited. New is made every day.

How much sperm is in a man normally?

So How Much Sperm Has A Male Got ? We All Ladies Wonder Or Men... So Herez The Answer You've Been Waiting For . . . . So.. Answer : More Than A Billion That Could Make Alot Of Babies..

If its one day before your period and you finger your self can you get pregnant?

No. Only a fertile man can make you pregnant if he releases his sperm inside your vagina.

How do you make sperm taste good?

There is no way to just change the taste of sperm. However the man can make his sperm seem sweeter for the woman by eating certain foods like pineapples.

Can a man with one testicle make a woman pregnant?

Yes. A man with one testicle can make a woman pregnant. One testicle still produces thousands of sperm. It takes one sperm to make a woman pregnant.

How can a man tell if he's infertile?

He needs to leave a sperm sample at the doctor so they can make a sperm count.

What is man juice?

Is a liquid called sperm. Sperm can make a women pregnant so watch out! Usually sperm can come from masturbating or sexual intercourse. Also man juice can be called cum. All that means is the same thing as sperm.