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8000 sq cm = 0.8 sq metres

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Q: How much square meters in 8000 square cms?
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How much is in meters?

it is 100 cms

How many cms in 20.5 square matres?

20.5 square meters is 205,000 square centimeters.

How many cm in 0.2m?

A meter is a 100 cms. If you write .2 m, I'll take it as 0,2 meters, which would be 20 cms.

What is 185 cms converted into meters?

1.85m. There are 100 cms in 1m.

What is 178 cms in meters?


What is 825 meters?

82500 cms

How many centimeters is 0.95 meters?

A meter is 100 cms. So 0.95 meters is 0.95 x 100 = 95 cms

If the area of a square is 64 square centimeters what is the measure of each side of the square?

all the sides are 8 cms all the sides are 8 cms

What the equivalent in kilometers or meters to 100000000000 cms?


How many centimeter is 7.3 meters?

730 cms

What is 4.5meters in cms?

4.5 meters is 450 centimeters.

What is four tenths of two meters?

80 cms