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7% of $1,550.00 = $108.50

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Q: How much tax is on 1550.00 at 7 percent on a dollar?
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How much is 27 percent sales tax on 120.00 dollar?

For 2.7 percent sales tax the total tax is $3.24 and the total price with tax is $123.24.

How much is 8 percent sales tax in dollars?

8 cents tax for every dollar.

How much does does 7 percent sales tax add?

7 cents for every dollar

How much is tax at Claire's?

8 percent. basically 8 cents per dollar

How much is 10 percent sales tax on 25 dollars?

10 percent of 25 is 2.5. So, a 25 dollar item with 10 percent sales tax would be $27.50.

How much is tax per dollar in California?

How much sales tax per dollar in California

How much would tax be for a 2000 dollar purchase at apple?

Sales taxes vary by state. If your sales tax is 8 percent, the total would be 2160.

What is the total cost of a 136 dollar radio that has a 25 percent discount and a 5 percent sales tax?

The total tax is $5.10 and the total price with tax is $107.10

If 6.7 percent tax is on a 32 dollar and 50 cent camera the how much change would you receive from 50 dollars?

15.3225 dollars

What is the tax on a forty two dollar purchase when sale tax is 6.5 percent?

$42 x .065 = $2.73

What is the sales tax on a fifty dollar purchase in a state with a seven point five percent tax rate?

my mom

Portraits are 13 dollar sales tax is 6 percent what is the total amount?

The total tax is $0.78 and the total price with tax is $13.78.