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an acre cost about 100-1000

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Varies by location

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Q: How much to charge to rent 1 acre of land?
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How much should you rent your 5 acre of land to a farmer for?

If you are still paying on the land you should charge atleast the amount you are still paying.

What is the cost of each of the utilities in the game of monopoly?

The water utility and the light utility, if you obtain one you can charge 4 times as much rent for any of your land, if you obtain both you can charge 10 times as much rent for any of your land. (note: no one else but the owner of the utility can charge)

What does farm land rent for an acre?

Somewhere between $10 and $3,000 per acre, depending on location, soil quality, cropping history, cropping intent, and a number of other factors.

What is the reward for land?

Rent or lease

Why land rent is considered as an Unearned income?

land rent is an unearned income

Is there a charge for a post office key when you rent an apartment?

There is a charge for a post office key when you rent an apartment and it can be $15.

Around how much is land to rent?

Your question cannot be answered because you did not name a location. Land rents vary by location.

What is the remuneration of land?

The remuneration for land is Rent

How much does it cost to rent a bucket truck?

most companies charge around $400-$500 per day.

farm land rent agreement ?

I'd like to see a sample of farm land rent agreement.

In South Dakota if a child is under 18 and getting child support can the custodial parent charge them rent?

if a child is not working can a parent charge them rent

If bought a mobile home and have never been charged lot rent for the land its on and i have lived here for 5 years can the new land owner evict me when the home wont survive being moved?

The new owner has a right to evict you or charge you rent if you decide to stay. Any land owner has the right to charge for use of their property or deny use of their property. However, it they don't dispute you being there or take action until 8 years have elapsed you would be able to take possession of the land.