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it really depends on how many files you would put, unless you measure the bag youre putting it in... so, here we go... You x the height and width and it = the answer!! so you really need to measure the thing your putting it in... cant get an answer. Hope this helps!

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US bills are 2.61" x 6.14" x 0.004 3 "

Each bill has avolume of 0.069 cu. in. or 000 0399 cu. ft

$1 000 000 in ones has a volume of 39.88 cu ft (if all bills are new, flat and packed tightly in neat stacks). Before you ask it would weigh 2040 lb. (just over a ton)

Divide the above weight and volume to get values for 5s 10s 20s 50s 100s

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Q: How much volume is 1 million dollars?
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