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One cubic centimeter of water would fit into that cup, and it would weigh 1 gram.

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Q: How much water would fit into a cup that was 1 cubic centimeter and How much would this water weigh?
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What would 1 cubic centimeter of white dwarf star material weigh in kilograms?

About 907 Kilograms

How many cubic centimeters of water is required to weigh 14.72 newtons?

A Newton is a unit of force, or mass times acceleration. This means that on earth there would be 1.5 kilograms of water present. Water has a density of 1 gram/cubic centimeter, so there are 1500 cubic centimeters of water.

What volume of water would weigh the same as 150cm3 of mercury?

13.534 gram per cubic centimeter is the mercury density Accordingly, 150 cubic cm mercury = 150/13.534 gram = 11.0832 grams of mercury. Assuming fresh water at room temperature of density 1 gm/cubic centimeter, then water volume is 11.0832/1 = 11.0832 cubic cm.

How do you tell platinum from silver?

The density of platinum is 21.4 g/cubic centimeter; the density of silver is 10.5 g/cubic centimeter. So...a quick way would be to determine the volume of the item (Archimedes' water displacement method still works) then weigh it on an analytical balance.

What is 450cc in weight?

When talking about CC, it stands for cubic centimeter. Each Cubic Centimeter of water is equal to one gram, so 450cc would be 450 grams, or 15.87 ounces.

If a cube of 125 cubic centimeters was filled with water how many milliliters would it hold?

The milliliter and the cubic centimeter are equal volumes.

How much a 2.5 cm cube of silver weigh?

One cubic centimeter of silver weights 10.497g so 2.5 cubic centimeters of silver would be 26.2425g.

What would a cubic centimeter be equal to?

1/100 cubic meters

How many liters would fill a cubic centimeter of space?

One cubic centimeter (cm3 or cc) is equal to one milliliter (mL).To answer the question . . . 1 cubic centimeter = 0.001litre.

How big is a cubic millimeter of water?

A cubic millimeter of water is the volume of water that would fit in a cube 1 millimeter long by 1 millimeter wide by 1 millimeter high. A cubic millimeter is 1/10th of a cubic centimeter.

A modern day aircraft carrier weighs 100000 tons 1 cubic centimeter of neutron star stuff would weight as much as how many aircraft carriers?

1 cubic centimeter of neutron star stuff would weigh as much as 1000 aircraft carriers

Which is the physical property of zinc that indicates that a cubic centimeter of it will sink in water?

Density would be the property that predicts that behavior.

How much does 57 cubic feet of water weigh?

The weight of any volume of water will depend on the gravitational force acting upon it. 57 cubic feet of water would weigh nothing in a spaceship, for example.

How much does 700 cc weigh in pounds?

cc stands for cubic centimeter. It is a unit of volume equivalent to a milliliter. A pound is a unit of weight. A cc of water weighs less than a cc of, say, iron. So 700cc of water would weigh less than 700cc of iron would.

How many milliliters of water would be displaced by 408 grams of lead?

In order to answer this question you must know the specific gravity or density of lead, that is, it's weight in grams per cubic centimeter. A cubic centimeter is a mililiter and you have the answer.

Why is it said that Saturn would float in a huge ocean of water?

Any object, large or small, will float in water if its overall density is less than 1 gram per cubic centimeter. Saturn's overall density is 0.687 gram per cubic centimeter.

What is the brief meaning of cubic centimeter?

A cubic centimeter would be a volume one centimeter wide, one centimeter high, and one centimeter deep. Imagine it as a cube with dimensions 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm.

What is the gravity weight of copper?

The density of pure copper at room temperature is 8.96 grams per cubic centimeter; or in other words its specific gravity is such that one cc of it would weigh 8.96 times that of a cc of water.

How large of a container would be needed to hold 800 grams of water?

The container would need to be 800 milliliters or 800 cubic centimeters, because there is one gram of mass in one cubic centimeter of water. Remember that one milliliter equals one cubic centimeter. (If you are not positive that this answer is correct, it was found from an 8th grade science worksheet.)

Is cubic meter and cubic centimeter the same?

If they were the same, there would be no need for different names.1 cubic meter = 1,000,000 cubic centimeters.

How many milligrams is in one cubic centimeter?

Cubic centimetres measure capacity, milligrams measure weight. They are not readily equivalent. If you have one cubic centimetre of say pure water at 4 degrees centigrade, at the sea level, that will weigh 1,000 milligrams, i.e: 1 gram. If you have one cubic centimetre of say quick silver, its weight would be much larger.

How much does one mile of water weigh?

Nothing. A mile is a linear measurement. A cubic mile of water would weigh 9.2 trillion pounds. A square mile of water one foot deep would weigh 1.728 billion pounds.

How many cubic centimeters of water are required to fill a graduated cylinder to the 50.0-mL mark?

1 cubic centimeter = 1 cubic milliliter so it would take 50.0 cm to get 50.0 mL :)

Is a cubic inch greater than a cubic centimeter?

Yes, as one inch is 2.54 centimeters, a cubic inch is greater than a cubic centimeter. A cubic inch would be (2.54)^3 (2.54 to the power of 3) cubic centimeters, which is about 16.39 cubic centimeters or cm^3.