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64#/cubic foot

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Q: How much weight will 1 cu ft displacement of air support?
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How much weight will a one cubic foot container of air support in water?

1 cubic foot of air will support 62 lbs

What the role of air displacement in engine?

It's just the complement to fuel displacement. How much air the engine takes in affects how much fuel it can burn.

What is air weight due to?

Air gets its weight from the molecules that it is made up from. The molecules in air do not weight very much and are invisible.

Does air has weight?

Yes air has weight. Pressure, temperature and composition are the different variables that determine how much air will weigh.

How can rubber support the weight of a vehicle?

Rubber is capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle because it is able to contain air. Car tires have tubes that are filled with air pressure and these can sustain the weight of a truck.

Why do cans collapes if the air is removed from it?

Think of the air around us as a huge ocean of air that sits ontop of the land. Air has weight...incredible weight. If you take the air out of something, the there is a vacuum inside it and nothing to support it and the air pressure crushes it

How much does the earths air weigh?

nothing the earths air does not have a weight!

What is the downward displacement if air?

Downward displacement of air happens when you fill the upper part of a pressure chamber with steam. This causes the denser air below to move downward.

Why do objects weigh more in vacuum than in air?

objects weigh more in vacuum than in air due to buoyancy of air. objects displace air equal to their volume and this reduces their weight. in vacuum, there is no displacement.

Why hydrogen cant be collected by the downward displacement of air?

because hydrogen is collected by the upward displacement of air although it is 14.5 times lighter than air B)

Why do trucks have air suspension?

trucks have air suspension because it allows even weight distribution. The air can also be lowered allowing the chasis to drop a few inches making it easier to get underneath trailers that would not be high enough otherwise. It also makes for a much smoother ride than springs can offer because of the heavy loads trucks can carry massive stiff springs are required to safely support the weight. Air bag suspensions virtually eliminate the need for heavy springs, a relatively small amount of air pressure can support alot of weight.

Why are mass and weight the same thing?

they arent weight is how much air is pressuring down on you

How much weight for bagage when traveling by air?


How much weight in Oman air allowed?


What is the weight of the air on the Earth?

The total weight of the air on the earth is not nearly as much as the total weight of the BS that Obama has pulled over the American publics eyes. Amazing huh!!

What is meant by non-positive displacement?

I hope you are asking about non-positive displacement air compressors. The air compressors are broadly classified into 1. displacement (positive) compressors. 2. steady flow or non-positive displacement compressors. DISPLACEMENT COMPRESSORS: In this type of air compressors air is compressed by being trapped between two engaging surfaces. NON-POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT COMPRESSORS: Compression occurs by transfer of kinetic energy from a rotor.

How much weight can a hot air balloon hold?

It depends on the size and how hot the air inside is

How much does the mac book air weigh?

Mac book air weight is 2.3pound (1.06kg)

Air pressure and displacement in standing waves?

they are in phase

What is upward displacement of air?

yahaya from nupe land

Why the displacement of air takes place?

The displacement of air occurs in ventilation systems when cooled air fro the floor level is then redirected to the ceiling to keep rooms cool or the occupied zone. These air condition units help keep the population comfortable.

What happens to pressure as altitude decreases?

The pressure gets higher as altitude decreases, because the air below has to support the weight of the air above it, becoming compressed.

When did Air Support happen?

Air Support happened in 1992.

When was Air Support created?

Air Support was created in 1992.

How much weight can an hot air balloon hold?

3 pounds