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Q: How much will it cost to drive 1180 miles getting 12 miles to the gallon at 3.50?
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How much will it cost to drive 1180 miles getting 60 miles to the gallon at 4.20?

So 60 miles to the gallon, and we want to drive 1180 miles total. Divide the total number of miles by how many miles per gallon we get, that'll give us the total number of gallons needed. So 1180/60 = 19.666667 gallons. If gas costs 4.20 dollars per gallon, and we need 19.666667 gallons or approximately 20 gallons, we need 20*4.20 dollars, which is 84 dollars.

How much to travel 1180 miles at 50 mpg?

1180 ÷ 50 = 23.6 gallons Times the cost of 1 gallon by 23.6 to get the cost.

How long does it take to drive 1180 miles at 70 mph?

Dividing distance by speed gives 1180 / 70 = 16 and six sevenths, or 16.857142 recurring (that is, 16.857142857142...) hours.

How many miles from Georgia to New Hampshire?

1180 miles

How many hours to travel 1180 miles at 100 miles per hour?

Time = Distance/Speed = 1180/100 = 11.8 hours

How many miles from Westfield MA to Daytona Beach Florida?

1180 miles

How much money will it cost to drive 1180 miles if your get 26 miles a gallon?

Divide the distance by the fuel efficiency. 1180 mi / (26 mi/gal) ~= 45.4 gallons Multiply the 45.4 gallons into the price of gasoline and you have your cost. You are missing the price of gasoline in your question, so here are a few options. If gas cost $2.50: 45.4 x $2.50 = $113.50 If gas cost $3.00: $136.20 If gas cost $3.50: $158.90

How much would it cost to drive from Maywood IL to Walt Disney World in a 15 passenger van?

The fastest route is approximately 1180 miles. The average 15 passenger van has an estimated MPG rating of 10-17 miles. Assuming 14 miles per gallon, you would need about 85 gallons of gas. With the current price of gas averaging $3.54 per gallon, if would cost you around $300.

What is the distance between Lancaster pennsylvania and Miami?

about 1180 miles

What is the distance between England and Stockholm?

There are 1180 miles between England and Stockholm

What is the driving distance between Lovelady TX and Phoenix AZ?

1180 miles

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