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Q: How much will you have in 10 years if you deposit 5000 today and earn 8 percent annual interest?
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The future value of a 1000 investment today at 8 percent annual interest compounded semiannually for 5 years is?


If you invest 1000 today at 5 percent annual interest how much would you have in 2 years?


Would a dollar tomorrow be worth more to you today when the interest rate is 20 percent or when it is 10 percent?

10 percent.

What was the interest rate in 1968?

As of today, there was no one set interest rate in 1968. On a CD, the interest rate averaged between 5.53 percent and 6.39 percent in 1968. The 2013 rates on CDs are only 1.0 - 1.5 percent.

What if your bank account pays a nominal interest rate of 6 percent but interest is compounded daily on a 365-day basis What if your plan is to deposit 500 in the account today You also plan to deposi?

daily interest 6/365 = 0.01643 N=3 pv= -500 pmt = -1000 I= 0.01643 fv= ? fv= $3500

What is the interest rate today on I bonds?

I-bonds have an annual rate of interest. The best way to find the current rate of interest for an I-bond is to go to the website and look up the rate.

How much was 15000 in 1950 compared to today?

The value of 15000 in 1950 compared to today is $148,124.36. This is based on an annual inflation of 3.64 percent resulting in a total inflation of 887.50 percent.

How much have the interest rates on mortgages changed in the last five years?

Five years ago, the interest rates on mortgages was only at 0.5 percent. As of today, interest rate on mortgage soared to 2.5 percent. That is 500 percent increase for the past five years.

If you invest 6000 dollars today ata nine percent interest rate what is the amount of interest after thirty years?

The total interest would be 73606.07 dollars, approx.

You deposit 300 today 500 one year from now and 600 four years from now into an account that earns 8 percent compounded annually How much money will you have 7 years from now?

Assuming you deposit the money on the first day of each year you will have 2,124 from the 1,400 you'd deposited earning a total of 724 interest

What are term deposit account?

Term deposits are deposits kept in the bank for a fixed period of time with earn you interest as decided at the time of making the deposit. You are generally expected to keep your account active and open till the deposit duration. Premature withdrawals attract a penalty on the interest component. Ex: Let us say you open a term deposit of $10,000/- for 1 year at 8% rate of interest today, next year on the same day you would get $10,800/-

What was a dollar worth in 1962 compared to today?

In 1962 the value of a dollar was the same as $7.77 in today's time. This is caused by the annual inflation rate of 4.02 percent.

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