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Q: How much will you save by buying a 100 pound sack at 8.25?
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What is a smart car, and how much can I save by buying one?

The Smart car is a small and very fuel efficient car. If you are wondering how much you can save by buying one figure up how much you spend in gas a week and that is how much you would save.

How much money ,would I save by buying a refill kit for my toner,then buying a new toner?

depending on the toner you can save up to $10 with buying a refill kit then buying a new one

How much money can you save up a year if 1 pound a week?


How much energy can you save with buying new light bulbs?

By buying and using new LED light bulbs, it is possible to save 12% of energy which is 90% more effective than other light bulbs and can save about $26.

How much can you save when buying a 1892 rifle?

0-30 % depending on your negotiating skills.

If you are buying something for 18.50 and you get a 50 percent discount how much money did you save?

You saved 9.25.

What are Changes the buying power of the dollar?

dollar store you save so much more money

How much money do you save by firmly turning off your taps?

you can save alot of money about 5 pound a month it also saves the enviroument

How much you can save paying a car in cash?

Depends on the vehicle you are buying and the dealer. Of course you will save the interest payments you would be making if you borrowed the money which are substantial.

Does buying car parts wholesale save a lot of money?

"Depending of what part of the car you are replacing can save you or not money. Why? if it is a little part like a light, its ok, but if the all motor is broken and the value of your actual car is not that much you could be paying to fix it as much as buying a new one."

How much money would I save by buying a used pickup truck (one or two years old) when compared to buying a new one?

Used only a couple years should save about half the price of new in most cases.

How much money would you save by buying four small containers instead of two large container?