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750÷15 equals 50. 50 times $3.63 equals $181.50.

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Q: How much will you spend to drive 750 miles at 15 miles to a gallon costing 3.63 per gallon?
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How much will you spend to drive 700 miles at 13 miles per gallon costing 3.00 per gallon?

You will burn about 54 gallons of gas on the trip. This will cost you about $162.00

If you drive 1928 miles with a 10 gallon tank that goes 30 miles to a gallon at 2 a gallon how much would you spend?


How much would it cost to drive 950 miles at 25 mpg at gas costing 3.40 a gallon?

950÷25=37 gallons needed for the trip. 37 x $3.40 = $125.80 you will spend on fuel.

The Morrison's car uses one gallon of gasoline for every 28 miles if gasoline costs 1.50 per gallon how many miles can they drive if they spend 24 on gasoline?

448 miles is the answerheres the computation:$24 - cost for the trip$1.50 per gallon of Gas28 miles per gallon$24/$1.50= 16 gallons16 gallons X 28 miles per gallon = 448 miles

What will you spend on gas at 3.00 per gallon going 700 miles and getting 14 miles per gallon?

(700 miles) x (3 bux per gallon) / (14 miles per gallon) = 150 bux

If you are driving 144 miles gas is 2.70 a gallon and the car gets 20 miles to a gallon how much would you spend?


How much will you spend in gas if your car has a 20 gallon tank and I am driving 900 miles and gas is 3.46 a gallon?

That depends on how many miles to the gallon that the car consumes.

How much gas money will you need to travel 1300 miles?

Depends on the fuel mileage the vehicle you are driving gets and the price of gas along the trip. At 30 mpg with gas costing $3.85 per gallon you will spend $166.83.

How much will you spend on gas at 3.50 a gallon driving 600 miles in a compact car getting 38 miles to a gallon?

3.50 x 600/38 = $55.26

How much money does the average US citizen spend on gasoline in a year?

You would spend about $2,400 per year if you drive an average 15,000 miles per year at 25 mpg and the price of gas at $4 dollars a gallon.

How much money on gas would you spend traveling from Kansas City MO to St Louis MO?

If your car gets about 24 miles per a gallon and gas costs $3.00 a gallon you would spend about $31.25.

How much gas will Spend driving from LA to NY?

That depends on the vehicle you are driving, how you drive, the mileage that vehicle will get, and how much you spend per gallon for fuel. None of which you list.

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