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3 x 4.38 = 13.14 + sales tax

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Q: How much would 3 yard of material cost if one yard 4.38?
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How much would 13 cubic yard cost?

The answer depends on WHAT the substance is.

How much would 1.5 yards cost me if its a 1.37 a yard?

1.5 yards at $1.37 per yard would cost you $2.06.

How much does a yard of concrete cost in atlanta?

how much does a cubic yard of concrete cost in atlanta georgia

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There are three feet in one yard. Just multiply .94 by 3. The answer is: It would cost 2.82 per square yard. I hope this helped. Good Luck!! No, multiply by nine. 3 feet in a yard and a square yard is a yard by a yard, 3ft x 3ft.

What is the Cost per cubic yard of concrete in western New York?

$110 per cubic yard material only

I have 60 feet material and it cost 9.45 liner yard how much is this?

60 feet = 20 yards. So, 20 x $9.45 = $189.00.

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