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Q: How much would ten percent of fifteen hundred dollars be?
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How do you spell 234 dollars?

The currency value $253.00 is "two hundred fifty-three dollars."

How do you spell 473.15?

The number is "four hundred seventy-three and fifteen hundredths." The US currency value $473.15 would be "four hundred seventy-three dollars and fifteen cents."

How much would 10 percent off a hundred dollars be?


How much does it cost for a flight from Campbellton to Hawaii?

It would cost someone anywhere from fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars to fly from that location. The flight time would be about fifteen hours.

What is seven and a half percent of fifteen thousand dollars?

7.5% of $15,000 would be .075 x 15000 = $1125.00

If your balance was 100 dollars and your credit card company asked that you pay 5 percent of your balance how much would you need to pay?

Five percent of one hundred dollars is five dollars.

If you are at fault and the insurance company totals the other driver's car for five hundred dollars but the repairs would cost two thousand do you have to pay the other fifteen hundred?

Usually not.

What is 6 percent of 600.000 dollars?

Percent is from the Latin "per cent", meaning "of one hundred".So, 6 percent of 600 dollars means "6 dollars out of every one hundred dollars".Since there are 6 one hundreds in six hundred, the answer is 6 x 6, or 36 dollars.If you happen to be calculating sales tax, that amount is added to the bill. So your sub-total would be $600, your tax would be $36, and your total would be $636.

What is ten percent of one hundred seventy dollars?

That would be $17. 170 x .10 = 17

How much is 50 percent off?

Okay. The 'full amount' of something is one-hundred percent. Half of one hundred is fifty. For example, if something costs five-hundred dollars and it was on special in a shop, it would cost two hundred and fifty dollars. So if an advertisement says something is fifty percent off, it means half off the original price.

Why is a 50 percent discount is different from a second one for half?

Let's say your item costs ten dollars. At a fifty percent discount, you pay five dollars. If you buy one, get one half, you pay fifteen dollars for items that would regularly be twenty dollars. That's a twenty-five percent discount.

What is 75 percent of 3 billion dollars?

75% of $3,000,000,000 would be $2,250,000,000 That's two billion two hundred and fifty million dollars.