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Three halves is one and a half, or 1.5 when written as a decimal.

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Q: How much would three halves give you as a decimal?
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How much would three halves give you (write your answer in decimal format)?


What does 35 and 50 halfes equal to in decimal?

To turn a mixed fraction into a decimal, you need to treat the fraction part as if it were a division. In this case we have 50 halves or 50/2. Dividing this gives 25. This is then added to the whole part (35) to give 60. So 35 and 50 halves as a decimal is 60.

What is halves of halves are equal and Give examples?

halve of 10.5.

What is three over forty as a decimal?

You can calculate 3 / 40 on the calculator. This will give you the decimal equivalent.

What is 0.017 to a four decimal place?

0.017 is a number which is given to 3 decimal places. The equivalent number, at four decimal places, is 0.0170 but any number in the interval (0.0165, 0.0175), when rounded to four decimal places would give 0.017 to three.

Round .4887039 to three decimal places?

0.4887039Three decimal places is up to the second eight, but because the '7' after the second eight is higher than 5, you generally round up, so the second eight would become nine.This would give you your answer of:0.489

Can you give a sentence for halves?

Football commentators are especially fond of saying that it was a game of two halves.

What is 3.5 percent as a decimal?

3.5 as a decimal would be .035 because you would have to move the decimal two times to the left which would give you your answer (.035) but if u wanted .o35 as a percent you would move the decimal two times to the right and get 3.5%

Can you give me a sentence with halves?

Halves are when something is divided into two equal parts. Here are some sentences.Both halves of the room voted to pass the town law.He doesn't do things by halves!Two halves make a whole.

What is a reasonable decimal answer for the sqrt of 200?

The sqrt of 200 is 14.14213562... But a 'reasonable' answer would be 14.1 This is because the question gives three digits of precision -- called significant figures -- so it is reasonable to give three digits in the answer. As another example, a reasonable decimal answer for the sqrt of 200.00 would be 14.142 (five figures in the question, five in the answer).

What is 232.42 rounded to 3 decimal places?

232.42 Rounding makes a number simpler, and a decimal shorter. This number has only two decimal places to begin with, and rounding can't give it three.

Can you give me a sentence with the word halve?

There are two halves in a whole.

What are Decimals to 3 places?

If you are asked to give an answer to three decimal places and you have an answer such as 0.987654 then you would take the first three numbers after the decimal so in this case it would be 987, however, you would need to round this up since you have a six after it. The general rule is that if the number following your cut off point is greater than 5 you round up one number and if it is less than 5 you leave it the same. Therefore, your answer would be 0.988

What is .3 in percent?

You would move the decimal point two places to the right. That would give you 30%.

Could you give me a sentence for decimal?

I am looking for your decimal point. The decimal is in the wrong spot.

How many significant figures are in 10.0?

If you are looking at this from a maths perspective, the 'significant figures' are the number of digits counting from the first non-zero digit, so the number of significant figures in 10.0 is three. You may be asked a question, and told to give the answer 'to three significant figures'. This would mean the answer would look something like '12.2' or '0.0254'. This is in contrast to decimal places, which refer to the number of digits after the decimal point. For example, the number 10.0 is quoted to one decimal place.

What is 0.6156 in percent?

The answer would be to times that decimal by 100. And then this next value will give the percentage value with decimal places. So 0.6156 * 100= 61.56%. There you have it. The answer is 61.56%.

Could you give a sentence with decimal?

I am looking for your decimal point. The decimal point is in the wrong spot.

What would you give the LG cookie out of 5?

i would personly say three

How do you find a decimal out of a fraction?

first you divide the numerator from the denominator. like if your fraction was five tenths then you would divide like this 5/10 and the calculator will give you the decimal.

What is the smallest decimals?

There is no smallest decimal - just as there is no largest number. If x was said to be the smallest decimal, inserting a zero immediately after the decimal point would give a number equal to a tenth of x - ie smaller than x.

Give 600 ml as a decimal fraction of 1 litre?


What are three sentences for the word give?

Give me your money.I like to give to charity.I did not give anything away to him.

How do you Convert 2.531 kg to grams?

You would move the decimal place 3 times to the right and that would give you 2531g. I think that's right.

What is give you're answer to decimal places?

It means "Give you are answer to decimal places". I consider it a grammatically flawed statement which is too vague to be a meaningful instruction.