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Q: How often should you take longer 5-10 minute break?
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How often should you take a break from driving to avoid driver fatigue?

UK law for commercial drivers. You must take a 45 minute break after 4 1/2 hours driving/working time

How often should you take a break from driving to avoid driver fatigue in Canada?

A driver should take a break when he/she is fatigued. It is recommended that a driver take a break every 2 hrs

How often should you buy a computer?

when it no longer works, get another one.

How often should an iPhone battery be replaced?

Replace it when it will no longer take or hold a charge.

Can obese people walk?

People who are overweight often find it harder to walk for longer amounts of time. They get tired quicker and often break into a sweat earlier on.

Why doesn't a tsunami wave break?

Tsunami waves have a much longer wavelength in proportion to their height than ordinary waves do. They are often miles long.

How often should you grease fittings on heavy equipment?

At least daily. The more it is greased, the longer it will last.

How often do wavez break?

they break every 5 to 10 seconds now u should have a science book if u dont agree look in their okk<3

How often should you give your car a rest when you are on a long drive?

Every 2 or 3 hours, and when you take a break.

How many words in 1 minute speech?

About 30-50, depending on how often you take a breath.

Should you break up with a girl because she's been kinda mean to you?

It really depends on how mean, and how often she is mean.

How often does blood circulate in the body?

Per minute