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If you were born in 1937, you would be turning 76 in the year 2013.

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Q: How old are you if born in 1937?
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How old is a person if they were born in June 1937?

In June of 2012, someone born in June of 1937 would be 75 years old.

How old is Walter Myers?

He was born in 1937

How old was Henri Matisse in 1937?

Matisse was born December 31, 1869, so in 1937 he would have been 67 years old.

How old would you be if you were born in January 1937?


What year were you born if your 73?

You are born in 1937 if you are 73 years old in 2010

How old is Bill Cosby?

Bill Cosby is 79 years old (birthdate: July 12, 1937).

If you were born in 1937 how old would you be today Nov 4 2013?

2013-1937 = 76 years old if birthday is on or before NOV 4

How old is Jeff gorden?

73 years born in 1937

If you were born in 1937 how old would you be in 2018?

2018 − 1937 = 81 years

If you were born in 1937 how old would you be today?

Just subtract 1937 from 2010 = 73 You would be 73

How old is Avi the author?

75 years old (He was born December 23, 1937)

How old is the Norvegian king?

He was born February 21, 1937, so 71.

How old will David Hockney be in 2010?

Being born in 1937 he will be 73 this year.

When was Bobby Charlton born?

Bobby Charlton was born on October 11, 1937

How old is Bill Anderson?

Country music singer J. William "Bill" Anderson is 80 years old (born November 1, 1937).Scottish athlete Bill Anderson, MBE, is 80 years old (born June 6, 1937).

How old is the Norwegian king?

He was born on 21 Februray, 1937, so he is 71 as of today.

How old is Chan Sek Keong?

Chan Sek Keong is 80 years old. He was born on November 5, 1937.

How old is Robert Hooks?

US actor Robert Hooks is 80 years old (born April 18, 1937).

If someone is seventy one years old and was born in February what year were they born?

Since you are not specifying that it is on Leap Day, 1937.

Who old will you be if you are born in 1937?

Calculated in 2010, their age would be seventy-three years of age.

How old was joe Louis in 1937?

Joe Louis was born on May 13, 1914. Do the math.

How old is Avi?

US author "Avi" (Edward Irving Wortis) is 80 years old (born December 23, 1937).

How old is Dyan Cannon?

Dyan Cannon is 80 years old (born Samille Diane Friesen, January 4, 1937).

What are the release dates for The Old Wyoming Trail - 1937?

The Old Wyoming Trail - 1937 was released on: USA: 8 November 1937

How old is Tom Magliozzi?

Tom Magliozzi was 77 years old when he died on November 3, 2014 (born June 28, 1937).

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