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11 TO 12

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Q: How old are you when you go to 6 th grade?
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What grade is china anne in?

shes 11 so about 6 th grade

What grade is 6 year old in?

A 6 year old is in 1st grade.

Did Cara and Mady Gosselin pass a grade?

They will be in 6 th grade through 2012-2013 school year

How do you get a girlfriend in 6 th grade?

Be cool, awesome, and laid back. you gotta say, when your near her, "hey baby, wanna go makeout behind the lockers?"

What grade is a 6-7 year old in?

1st grade

What are 6 th grade Egyptian words that start with x and y and z?

z- ziggurat

What if your in 6th grade and every one has a boyfriend and but you and im in 6 th grade dont?

Try to get one i guess . Hunnie , it doesnt matter if your different .

How old are you when you go to elementary school?

Usually, children are 5-6 when they start kindergarten and 6-7 wen they start first grade.

When do you need tetnus shot?

Around 12 or 13 you need it to protect you from a bacteria for rusted metal that will eventually kill you and when you get it it will be around 6 th grade because you can't move in to 7 th grade until you get the shot

What do you want your child to achieve in 6 th grade language art?

yes, language skills are very important.

What does the experiment in the scientific method mean?

Using the scientific method on an experiment!! I learned that in 6 th grade!!

What to do since you like your best friend you've known since 6 Th grade and now in the 8 Th grade?

find some qualities that probably means he/she likes you if he or she gives you some signs that he or she likes youthen try to ask him or her out.