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Someone born in May 1946 would turn 67 years old in May 2013.

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Q: How old born may 1946?
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When was Cher born?

Cher was born on May 20, 1946

How old is some one who was born May 15 1946?

Age 67

How old is Peter Hinwood?

Peter Hinwood is 65 years old (born May 17, 1946).

How old is Birutฤ— Galdikas?

Birutė Galdikas is 68 years old. She was born on 10 May 1946.

How old is Cher?

Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian) is 71 years old (birthdate: May 20, 1946).

When was Andrรฉ the Giant born?

Andre the Giant was born on May 19, 1946

When was Candice Bergen born?

Candice Bergen was born on May 9, 1946

When was Anthony May born?

Anthony May was born in 1946.

Where was Rosen born?

He was born May 7, 1946

When was Don May born?

Don May was born on 1946-01-03.

How old is kaye umansky?

She was born in 1946

How old would you be if you were born in of 1946?


When was Satchidanandan born?

Satchidanandan was born on May 28, 1946.

When was Donovan born?

Donovan was born on May 10, 1946.

When is Cher's birthday?

Cher was born on May 20, 1946

How old is someone born in 1946 in 2012?

66 years old.

How old are you if born July 29 1946?

Well lets see 2012 - 1946 = 66, but not until July 29th, so right now on May 2nd, you are still 65.

In what year was Cher born?

Cher was born May 20, 1946.

When was Rosen born?

Michael Rosen was born on May 7, 1946.

If you were born in July 1946 how old would you be?


How old are you now if you were born in Oct of 1946?


If you were born in 1946 how old were you in 2006?

u would be 60 yrs old

How old would Andre the Giant be if he was still alive?

Wrestler and actor Andre the Giant (1946-1993) was born Andre Roussimoff on May 19, 1946. He was only 46 when he died.He would have been 70 years old in 2016.

How old is Satchidanandan?

Satchidanandan is 65 years old (birthdate: May 28, 1946).

when was The actor Cher was born on which date?

Cher was born on May 20, 1946.