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Q: How old is a mineral that contains 25 percent U-235?
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What Oklahoma region contains part of a very old mountain system and has the most diverse mineral resources in the state?

arbuckle mountains

How old is an artifact that contains 12.5 percent of its original carbon-14?

3 times the half-life.

How old is fallout?

If you are referring to radioactive fallout on the planet earth, it is two billion years old. Africa has places where natural reactors formed where U235 precipitated from streams where they reached the ocean. They produced fallout.

How old is the mineral carnelian?

As old as chalcedony, created with the earth.

What 4 letter mineral can soft water leach from pipes in old buildings?

The mineral is lead.

How old are crystals?

Mineral crystals can be days old or millions of years old. Mineral crystals are constantly forming through various processes including solidification from magma and lava, and evaporation of solutions.

What was the thin and flexible mineral that was once used for windows in wood stoves?

The old stove windows were made of the mineral mica.

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The Old Testament contains 39 books.

How old is the oldest lake?

The oldest lake in the world is Lake Baikal. It is believed to be at least 25 million years old and is located in south-east Siberia. Baikal is a freshwater lake and contains about 20 percent of the world's unfrozen fresh water.

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Why do minerals get processed?

It is all part of life minerals come and go so to start a new mineral you need an old broken down mineral