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They will turn 40 in 2014.

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Q: How old is a person born in 1974?
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How old is a person born in nov 1974?

As at the time of answering (Oct 2012), 38 years.

When was Tycie Person born?

Tycie Person was born in 1974.

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If you were born today, in 1974, you would be, 36.

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How old are you if you were born on June 5 1974?

You will turn 40 in 1974.

If you were born on the year 1974 through 2009 how old would you be?

If you were born in 1974, you would have turned 35 in 2009.

How old will you be if you were born 1974?

You would be 35 years old.

Is there a person that was born old?

No, there wasn't a person that was born old.

How old are you if you were born in 1974 in 2012?


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he was born in 1974

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How old is the singer of sugarland?

she is 35years old she was born in septmber,1974

What famous person born in 1974?

Robbie Williams

What year would the person be born in if he was 35 years old?

1975 or 1974 depending on whether or not they had had their birthday anniversary in 2010.but my mom is 35 and her year was 1976.

Are Billy Kidman and Evan Bourne the same person?

Matthew Joseph Korklan born March 19, 1983 making him 28 years old and Peter Alan Gruner, Jr. born May 11, 1974 making him 37 years old, no they are not the same person.

How old is WWE cm punk?

he is 36 years old born in 1974

How old is someone born in April 1974?

They would be 35 years old.

How old is the girl on Sugar Land?

she is 35years old and she was born septmber,1974

How old is leather face?

born march12, 1974.

When was Earl Old Person born?

Earl Old Person was born in 1929.

How old is ece uslu?

38 years Old. She was born in Sep. 9, 1974.

How old would somebody be if born in 1974 to 2011?

They would be 37 years old.

What year were you be born if you are 44?

If you are 44 years old on October 2014, you were born in 1974.