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Age = no. of half lives x duration of each half life

ratio of Parent nuclei : Daughter Nuclei

1 : 15

total of 16 parts, and for every 16 parts one part is a parent nuclei

Mt = Mo x (0.5)^n

Mt = amount remaining

Mo = Initial amount

n = number of 1/2 lives

Mt = 1/16

(1/2)^n = 1/16

(1/2)^n = (1/2)^4


Age = 4 x duration of each half life

Age = 4 x 300

Age = 1200

Therefore, the age of the specimen is 1200 years.

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Q: How old is the specimen if the half-life is 300 years and there is 15 times more daughter product than parent material?
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