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Q: How old will Emily be when she dies?
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A Rose for Emily how old is Emily when she dies?


How does Miss Emily behave after her father dies in 'A Rose for Emily'?


How old is Emily Gravett?

Emily Gravett is about 42 years old (born 1972).

How old is emily thompson?

Emily is 52 years old, she is a teacher for Princeton University.

How old is Emily Baxter?

Emily is actually 120 years old she is so freaking old with a rusted shotgun

Emily is four years oldHer big sister Amy is three times as old as emilyhow old will Amy be when she is twice as old as Emily?

Amy will be 16 when she is twice as old as Emily at 8.

How old is Emily noble?

Emily Noble is most DEEFINATLY 15 years old (: <3

How old is Emily in Avalon?

Emily Fletcher is 13 to 14 years old in Avalon:Web of Magic.

How old is Emily Little?

Emily Little is 16years old born 29th March 1994

Who dies in the book exit here and how?

Emily dies, Kyles girlfriend...she died in the passenger seat flying out the window when kyle crashed into a house also killing to little boys. Kyle of course was intoxicated and high along with emily.

How old is Emily tennial?

emily is my best friend and she is 11

How old is Emily Everhard?

Emily Everhard is 21 years old (birthdate April 10, 1996).