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A person born in 1955 will turn 57 in 2012 but that will have no effect on your age.

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Q: How old would I be now if you were born in October 1955?
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When was Marina Shimanskaya born?

Marina Shimanskaya was born on October 27, 1955, in Saratov, Soviet Union [now Russia].

When was Aleksandr Ilkhovskiy born?

Aleksandr Ilkhovskiy was born on October 30, 1955, in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia].

If you where born on October 1964 how old would you be now?

If you where born in October 1964 you would be 45 years old.

When was Andreas Lebert born?

Andreas Lebert was born on October 7, 1955, in Munich, Bavaria, West Germany [now Germany].

How old would someone be now if they were born in 1955?

54 years old.

How old would john Lennon be now if he was still alive?

He would have had his 70th birthday this past October (he was born October 9, 1940)

How old would you be if you were born on october 21st 1955?

Today (November 22, 2009), you would be [54years 1month and 1day] old.We might have been forgiven for assuming that by now, you'd be able to solvethat kind of arithmetic problem on your own.

What are the release dates for Matinee Theatre - 1955 Beginning Now 1-1?

Matinee Theatre - 1955 Beginning Now 1-1 was released on: USA: 31 October 1955

How Old Is Cary Elwes Now?

According to he was born: 26 October 1962 That would make him 46 now.

If you born October 2 in 1991 how old would you be now?

Cannot answer this question since I do not know what "now" was when it was posted. Nor do I know what "now" will be when the answer is read.

What are the release dates for The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater - 1955 And Now from the Audience 1-39?

The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater - 1955 And Now from the Audience 1-39 was released on: USA: 17 October 1955

When was Xiaoning Chi born?

Xiaoning Chi was born in 1955, in Peking, China (now Beijing).

How old is Bill Gate?

Bill Gates birthday is October 28, 1955. He is now 53 years old.

How old are Kris and Bruce Jenner?

Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner (née Houghton, formerly Kardashian) was born November 5, 1955. Bruce Jenner - now known as Caitlyn Jenner - was born October 28, 1949.

How old is WWE diva natalya?

As of October 2010, the diva is 28 years old answer: she is not born in october shes born in may but as 2012 now she is now 30

When was Boris Airapetyan born?

Boris Airapetyan was born in 1955, in Yerevan, Soviet Union [now Armenia].

When was Stanislaw Biczysko born?

Stanislaw Biczysko was born in 1955, in Poznan, Poznanskie [now Wielkopolskie], Poland.

When was Milos Vojtechovsky born?

Milos Vojtechovsky was born in 1955, in Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic].

How old would John Hancock be now?

Born: John Hancock born January 1737. Died: John Hancock dies October 8, 1793. (age 56) He Would Be Years 274 Old Now If He Was Still Alive... (Not Possible)

How old would Theodore Roosevelt be right now?

Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858. His current age would be the current year minus 1858.

When was Desa Muck born?

Desa Muck was born on August 29, 1955, in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (now Slovenia).

When was Alex Nepomniaschy born?

Alex Nepomniaschy was born in 1955, in Moscow, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia].

When was Ardak Amirkulov born?

Ardak Amirkulov was born in 1955, in Ak-Kul, Soviet-Union (now Kazakhstan).

When was Peter Simun born?

Peter Simun was born on August 21, 1955, in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia).

When was Yevgeni Krzhizhanovsky born?

Yevgeni Krzhizhanovsky was born on June 6, 1955, in Mykolaiv, USSR [now Ukraine].