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You will turn 30 in 2013.

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Q: How old would you be today if born dec 9 1983?
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How old would you be if you were born in dec 1977?

You would be 35 as of today (May 2, 2012).

How old is some one who was born on dec 2 1983?


How old would you be if you were born on the 26th October 1992?

Today(13th Dec'10), your age would be 18 years, 1 month and 17days.

How old is nat wolf today?

he is 15 he was born dec 17 so he just turned 15 this recent dec!

How old are you if you were born dec 13 1988?

as of today sep 20,2012 23 years old. you will be 24 on dec 13 of this year

How old are you if you are born in 2003?

if brn on this date or before today 10, born on date after today (as in born in oct nov or dec) 9 until your birthday occurs

How do you write 27 dec 1983 in kanji and numbers too?

1983年12月27日, is how you would write this date in Japanese.

How old is a person in 2004 if born in 1994?

If they are born in Jan- Jun 1994, they would be 16 by Jan - Jun 2004 and if they are born in July- Dec 1994, they would be 16 by July - Dec 2004.

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Probably 30, depending on what day you were born in 1982, and today is May 16, 2012. A person born between May 17, 1982 and Dec. 31, 1982 would be 29.

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Mr. Dick Van Dyke was born on December 13th, 1925, making him 85 today (Dec 13th, 2010).

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Today's date is 18th dec 2012,Tueday.

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3rd sem result in nov-dec 2008 Anna univer?

not sure perhaps today(28 th dec)