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Q: How old would you be today if you were born in nov 1923?
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If you were born in nov 1969 how old would you be?

today (2012) you would be 43 years old

If you were born in 1937 how old would you be today Nov 4 2013?

2013-1937 = 76 years old if birthday is on or before NOV 4

How old would you be if born May 9 1989?

Today (22 Nov 2010) you would be 21 years old.

How old would you be today if you were born 19th Nov 1997?

11 today (5 November) but 12 in just a few days' time.

How old are you today if im born nov 7 1977?

I am 59 and when you were born makes no difference to my age!

How old are you if you are born in 2003?

if brn on this date or before today 10, born on date after today (as in born in oct nov or dec) 9 until your birthday occurs

If you were born in 1985 then how old are you?

24 unless you were born after the date of today (meaning Nov. 29, or whichever day it is)

What two presidents were born on November 2?

James K. Polk, born Nov. 2, 1795 and died June 15, 1849 and he was the 11th president. Warren G. Harding, born Nov. 2, 1865 and died August 2, 1923 and he was the 29th president.

If you were born in nov 1963 how old would you be?


When was Natasha Nov born?

Natasha Nov was born in St. Petersburg, in Russia.

What is the value of a green cc soda bottle with the date Nov 6 1923 on it?


How old would you be if born Nov 17 1989?

As of 1/9/12, you would be 22.

What is your zodiac sign if born Nov 29?

Born on November 29, you would be born under the sign of Sagittarius.

If you were born in Nov 1966 how old would you be?

On your birthday in 2012, you turned 46.

Who is the richest person today?

Mr.Ugwu Mac-Romanus Ebuka born on Nov. 26th 1992

What time is it today of Daylight Saving Time ended at 2AM of Nov 1 2009?

It would become 1:00 AM

How would you use Nov in a sentence?

Nov is an abbreviation for November.

Today is Nov 7 2009 Is Doris Day alive today?

She certainly isyes

I was born on Nov 22nd some say I am a cusp which is correct-?

If you were born on Nov 22nd, you were born on the cusp. It is correct that you are Sagittarius on the cusp.

How many days until November 20?

12 more days until Nov 20 (from today, Nov 8).

When was Jiri Vacha born?

Jiri Vacha was born in Nov Zmky, in Czechoslovakia (now Nov Zmky, Slovakia).

Is facebook down today Nov 17 2010?

I can't get on.

How old would you be in 2010 if you were born in 1928?

You would be 82 years old if you were born before Nov 17 in 1928; otherwise you would be 81 until your next birthday.

How old is rhinna?

she is exactly 36 today the 27 nov 2009

When does harvest moon animal march come out?

nov 10 today!