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How safe is 50 rads of radiation per hour?

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50 rads per hour is 200 times the maximum safe continuous exposure rate.

It depends of course on how long you are exposed to 50 Rads per hour. If you are exposed to 50 Rads per hour for only 15 seconds you will be just fine, where as if you were exposed for 10 hours total during a two week period, you are dead.

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What is peak radiation?

Radiation that is at it's highest point of Rads per second on the geiger counter.

What is radiation measured in?

The answer is Rads. Did you know that 1,000 Rads can kill a man, while some bugs can withstand 1,000,000 Rads!!!noo its Becquerels or Curie, RADS is an old measurement or nuclear radioactivity of Alpha Beta and Gamma.Actually all of this is true. There are lots of ways of measuring radiation depending an what it is about radiation you want to measure. This may help:Radiation MeasurementsCurie - Named after Mary Curie. This measurement is used to measurehow radioactive an object is and/or how much radiation itproduces.Roentgen - How much radiation is present in the air of a specific environmentRad/Rem - Measure of any type of ionizing radiation including Alpha, Beta,Gamma and 'X'. It measures How much radiation is absorbed by anobject.More on Rems and RadsRad stands for Radiation Absorbed Dose. 1 Rad is 100ergs (ergs is a measurement of energy)Rem stands for Roentgen Equivalent Man. Used to describe and define the limits of people who are around radiation. (How much radiation they can take.) Rems can also be presented as millirems and rems per hour.The Metric version of Rads and Rems is Gray and Sievent.Gray is a precise measurement of the amount of energy the ionizing radiation gives to the tissue it passes through.Sievent takes into account the types of radiation and gives a biological measurement of how dangerous the absorbed radiation is to the body.

What happens if you get too many rads in fallout new Vegas?

After 1000 rads you will die. To prevent this use Rad-X in irradiated areas to lower the rads you get per second, and use Rad-Away if your radiation level goes to high, you can also seek out a doctor that can remove the radiation for you for 100-150 caps if you have high rad, and don't have any or enough Rad-Away. there are also different perks that can increase your resistance to radiation. ...Desert Ranger 4...

What was the amount of radiation exposure in Japan?

400 mSv per hour

Can a human survive on mars if not why?

Mars is way to gassy for a human Couple of reasons we cannot survive, Mars has a carbon dioxide atmosphere and no oxygen also Mars has no magnetic field so it has no protection from cosmic radiation a human would receive doses as high as 500 rads per hour (lethal dose)

How do you get from the Reactor Chamber to Vault 87 in Fallout 3?

You have to find a civilized super mutant named fawks to go in for you and get the G.E.C.K. He is locked in a cage somewhere in the vault. There is no way to get it yourself because you get in such thick radiation that you die in 1 second. I think max radiation is 400 rads per second.

On the driving test you must be able to drive at miles per hour and make a quick safe stop when the examiner instructs you?

20 miles per hour

What is the speed of x radiation?

All wave radiation travels at the speed of light. The speed of light in a vacuum is approximately 671 million miles per hour or 300 million meters per second.

What is a safe distance to follow a vehicle on highway?

one car length per ten miles per hour

What is the recommended safe following distance in Arizona?

One car length per ten miles per hour

Cause you have radiation sickness I have seen on the Internet such a message If more than 4 hours per day online they will get radiation sickness I have been in August to this day almost 1 hour per da?


What is the safe recommended safe following distance?

Approx. 1 of your vehicele lengths for each 10 miles per hour of speed

Driving 38.0 miles is how many minutes?

that depends on your speed.. drive at 38 miles per hour you will reach there in one hour... 76 miles per hour will take you there in 30 minutes.. drive safe..

Smoke detectors are they safe for us?

Yes, even though they do emit ionizing radiation. The amount of radiation emitted from a smoke detector is about 1 hundredth of a millirem per year. The background radiation from radioactive isotopes in the ground is about 300 millirem per year. So the ground your standing on right now is exposing you to more radiation then your smoke detector ever will.

What is a newton meter cube per hour for?

It is a measure of how much force is exerted. It is a volumetric radiation force. It can be converted to cubic feet.

What is 59km per hour in miles per hour?

59km per hour equates to 36.6609 miles per hour.

How fast is kilometers per hour in miles per hour?

1km per hour is 0.62 miles per hour.

What is dimension for angular velocity?

rads/s radians/second Usually its stated as rpm (rounds per minute) but it usually needs to be converted to rads/s for calculations. 1 rad/s= (1 rpm)*2*pi/60

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