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Q: How should seven times the sum of a number n and 3 be written as an algebraic expression?
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Related questions

How is 4 less a number written in an algebraic expression?

Remember,an expression is a problem without an answer.If it's a 4 less than a number,it should be 4<x.Hope this helps your problems!

Examples of Algebric expressions?

An Algebraic expression is any expression (equation) that contains a letter where a number should be.

What is the algebraic expression of seven less than a number b?

(b - 7) should do it.

How do you say one-half a number equals 5 in algebraic expression?

If I have understood your question correctly, I think the answer should be: 0.5x = 5, where x is the "number".

The rules for simplifying an algebraic or numerical expression?

There are a few rules for simplifying an algebraic expression. Specifically, one should combine like terms, and then they should try to isolate the variable by doing the opposite, either multiplication or division.

What is the algebraic expression of b more than 6?

6+b Should it not be: b>6

What is the algebraic expression for four divided by the difference between a number?

You don't have the complete question here. "...between a number" and what? First figure out what operation is being used, and then put that operation in the place of the "and" in the statement. Since difference is subtraction, you will put a minus sign in place of the "and" that should be after the word, "number." So, your answer will be as follows: 4/(x - ___) Fill in the blank with what ever is says after the word, "number,"

What is 5 plus y12?

They are two terms of an expression but if you mean 5+y = 12 then y = 7

What is in power the number used as a factor?

In a power expression, you have two numbers.The number written normally (to the left) is called the BASE. That's what tells you what factor you should multiply by itself. The small raised number (to the right) tells you how often the factor is used. It's called the EXPONENT.

How should number '8' be written correctly?

It is written as 'eight'

What is the quotient of a number and 2 is the same as the difference of the number doubled and 3?

So, to put your question in an algebraic expression, it should look something like this: X/2 = 2X - 3 Then you would just solve... X = 2(2X - 3) X = 4X - 6 -3X = -6 X = 2

How do you write an expression of interest letter for a tender?

An expression of interest letter for a tender should be written to the organization with a full understanding of the requirements of the tender. The letter should include personal and company capabilities specifically outlining how those capabilities can meet the requested needs for the tender.

Write an addition expression using the number 7 only it should be the same as 11x7?

70 + 7

What is equivalent to fe490b?

If the expression in the question is a hexadecimal number, the equivalent decimal value is 16,664,843. If it was not a hexadecimal number, maybe you should have thought about stating what it was.

What is the Roman numeral xv111?

1 is not a Roman numeral, you numeral should be written as XVIII and it represents the number 18

Should thirteen be spelled out?

In English (written work such as essays) it should be written out. In Maths or other number orientated subjects (e.g. science) it is acceptable for it to be "13".

How is the number 6 written in Roman numerals?

Written as a Roman numeral, the number 6 would be expressed as VI. The letter V indicates the number 5 and the letter I indicates the number 1. When the letter I is written after the letter V in Roman numerals it indicates that 1 should be added to the number written before it.

What should always be written on an encounter sheet?

phone number

What is the evaluate your expression for nine minus times negative one?

It appears that the question is incomplete and so cannot be answered. There should be a number (or variable) after "minus".

Where is the idbi bank dd number written on the draft?

The IDBI Bank DD number should be a six digit number. It should be visible on the left hand side of the draft, in the corner.

What is Avogadro number written as a fraction?

Avogadro's number is a whole number, so it would have a denominator of 1. It should be (6.02e23)/1.

Should a number be written out or numberical format in a sentence?

Numberical unless at the begining.

What are the rules of division and multiplication in algebraic expression?

If you multiply X by Y you have to write XY (in alphabetical order).If you divide X by 2 you should write X over 2 (like a fraction).

What is four less than y times 6 as an algebraic expression?

There is some ambiguity in the statement, which really requires parentheses to indicate which operation should be done first. So, four less than (y times 6) is written as 6y - 4, but (four less than y) times 6 is written as 6(y - 4). These quantities are quite different. For example, suppose that y = 5. Then, 6y - 4 works out to be 30 - 4 = 26. In comparison, 6(y - 4) = 6(5 - 4) = 6(1) = 6.

Does it matter what order you do your operations in equations with variables on both sides?

Not if you do all the calculations correctly. For example, in an expression such as:3(4 + 5) the parentheses specify that you should do the addition first. But in an algebraic expression, such as 3(x + 2) you can't even calculate "x + 2" as long as you don't know the value of "x"; so it might make more sense to divide by 3 (on both sides of the equation, of course), to get rid of the 3. Or you might open parentheses using the distributive property. There are often different ways to manipulate such an expression (or an equation that contains such an expression); if you do everything correctly, you should get the same result in all cases.

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