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One billion US currency bills would create a stack more than 67.8 miles high.

The average thickness of the paper used is 0.0043 inches (about 0.11 mm).

One billion bills (if they did not get further compressed by the weight) would reach a height of 4.3 million inches (67.866 miles).

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Q: How tall is a stack of one billion hundred dollar bills?
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How many hundreds in a stack of hundred dollar bills?


Which is bigger 100 hundred dollar bills or 900 ten-dollar bills?

100 hundred dollar bills is more money. 900 ten-dollar bills is a bigger stack of paper.

How high is a stack of 2000 one hundred dollar bills?


How high is a stack of 1 billion dollar bills?

mad high son

How high would a stack of 195 hundred dollar bills be?

195 100-dollar bills would be 0.84 inches tall.

How much money is in a 4 inch stack of one hundred dollar bills?


How much is a inch high stack of hundred dollar bills?

Approximately $22,900

What is the size of million dollors in one hundred dollor bills?

1000000/100 = 10000, that is you would have a stack of 10,000 hundred dollar bills.

What are the dimensions of a stack of one hundred dollar bills?

The answer depends on how big a stack. Also, a stack of mint bills tends to occupy less height than used ones.

How high does 1 billion twenty dollar bills stack?

Very high: about 67.87 miles.

How high a stack of one dollar bills in a billion dollars?

Approximately 67.87 miles high.

How much money in a stack of hundred dollar bills?

One hundred times the number of bills in the stack. Banks normally wrap bills in roughly half inch-high stacks of 100 bills each. Assuming that this is the size stack you are referring to, then there would be $100 x 100 = $10,000 in such a stack.

How tall is a stack of 825 billion dollar bills?

Approximately 55,989.58 miles high (yes, really).

How tall is a stack of fifteen billion three hundred seventeen million one dollar bills?

Assuming there was no air between the bills, the total height would be 167,292,274 centimeters tall or 1,039.51 miles high!

How high is a stack 1 billion 100 dollar bills?

Approximately 67.866 miles high if they are in pristine condition.

How many hundred dollar bills in a trillion dollars?

One trillion dollars is represented as $1,000,000,000,000. Divide that by the hundred dollar bill ($100). For those quick minded math people, you drop 2 zeros.1,000,000,000,000 / 100 = 10,000,000,000 This means there are TEN BILLION hundred dollar bills in a trillion dollars.To put that in perspective, the US bill note is about .0043 inches thick. This stack of ten billion hundred dollar bills would be 43,000,000 inches tall. That's three million five hundred eighty-three thousand three hundred thirty-three feet tall. Hard to grasp...scale it up to miles and you get a stack more than 678 miles tall. On it's side, that would be a continuous line of bills stretching from Los Angeles, Ca nearly to Salt Lake City, UT!

How tall is a stack of 1000000000 dollar bills?

A stack of 1,000,000,000 one-dollar bills would be about 358,333.33 feet tall or 67.87 miles high.

How much money in a stack of five dollar bills?

50 bills to a stack, so $5 *50 = 250

How High would you have to stack 100 dollar bills to make 1 billion dollars?

You'd better find a tall ladder: the stack would be 3,583.33 feet tall.

How tall is a stack of one dollar bills worth 17 million?

17 million one-dollar bills would stack to about 6,091.67 feet high.

How many 100 dollar bills in a 4 inch stack?

A 4-inch stack would contain 932 bills.

How many dollar bills in a stack one inch high?

A one-inch stack would contain about 233 bills.

How many dollar bills stack to make one inch?

You'd need about 233 one-dollar bills.

How tall is a stack of 100 dollar bills?


How many twenty dollar bills in a stack?

We don't know. How big a stack? US bills are generally bundled in groups of 100.