How tall was Isaac Newton?

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Newton was five feet six inches tall. Milo Keynes, M.D., the nephew of the famed economist John Maynard Keynes, made an exhaustive study of the iconography of Newton, including measuring Newton's walking sticks and clothes. Dr. Keynes concluded, "He was short of stature at five feet six inches tall (the same as Beethoven and Napoleon), and the statue of him in the Chapel of Trinity College, Cambridge gives him a small head, which Roubiliac had sculpted using his death mask for size. Milo Keynes." Moreover, even contemporaries of Newton described him as being of medium height for a man living in the 1600's, which probably corroborates the height of five feet six inches since that was closer to medium height for those times. See Dr. Marshall Dale's Medical Biographies (1952) (University of Oklahoma Press, 1987), p. 47.

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Q: How tall was Isaac Newton?
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