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This experiment involves examining how an object is affected by different types of forces. It is done in a vacuum environment to prevent any variables affecting the result.

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The polygon of forces can be obtained experimentally by applying multiple forces to an object and measuring their magnitudes and directions. By drawing vector representations of these forces to scale and closing the shape of the polygon, the resultant force can be determined. This method helps visualize the equilibrium or resultant force acting on the object.

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Q: How the polygon of force obtained by experiment?
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How is it that a river's force obtained?

gravity and built-up energy from forces of wind

In any experiment the one factor being tested is the variable control or the data?

The factor being tested in an experiment is the independent variable, which is the variable that is manipulated or changed by the researcher. The control variable is a variable that is held constant to prevent it from affecting the outcome of the experiment. The data collected in an experiment is the information or measurements obtained during the study to analyze and draw conclusions.

Do your feet exert a compressive force on the ground?

Yes. Of course, the ground exerts an equal-abd-opposite compressive force on you.===========================Answer #2:Experiment:-- Place a raw egg between the ground and your foot.-- What did you observe ? Was there any evidenceof a compressive force anywhere ?

What is an experiment used for?

An experiment is used to test a hypothesis by collecting data under controlled conditions. It allows researchers to investigate cause-and-effect relationships between variables and draw conclusions based on the results obtained. Experiments are crucial in scientific research for advancing knowledge and understanding in various fields.

Explain why the polygon of forces must close when a body is in equilibrium?

The polygon of forces must close in equilibrium to satisfy the condition that the net force acting on the body is zero. If the forces do not close, it would indicate there is a resultant force acting on the body, causing it to accelerate rather than being in equilibrium.

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What is a special polygon?

A special polygon is a centrally symmetric polygon, has sides parallel to its axes, and is obtained by distorting the square.

What is a position reached after consideration of data obtained from an experiment?

A conclusion is a position reached after consideration of data obtained from an experiment. It is a summary of the findings and an interpretation of what the data suggests.

What does data obtained mean?

Data obtained from an experiment is the results you got from whatever test or experiment you did. Data obtained for a research paper is the information you got from your research. Basically, it is the data/info/results/etc you need to come to a certain conclusion.

What is the definition data?

Information obtained from experiments. (information collected from an experiment)

Why is important to repeat your experiment?

Repeating the experiment will either confirm the results you've just obtained, or show up errors.

Who must draw conclusions based on the results obtained from an experiment?

Intelligent investigators.

What is Frequency curve?

A frequency curve is a graph obtained by joining the points of a frequency polygon freehand smoothly.

The product of an experiment is?

The product of an experiment is the result or outcome that is obtained by carrying out the experiment. It represents the data, information, or findings that are generated from the experiment. This product is what is analyzed and used to draw conclusions or make decisions.

What is the Conclusions for a force table experiment?

The conclusions of a force table experiment typically involve analyzing the equilibrium of forces acting on an object placed on the force table. By adjusting the magnitudes and angles of the forces, one can observe the conditions necessary for equilibrium to be achieved. This experiment allows students to understand the concept of vector addition and how to find the equilibrant force.

The detailed explanation of the results of an experiment is called the?

Analysis. This involves examining and interpreting the data to draw conclusions based on the results obtained during the experiment.

Why do you have controls in an experiment?

The controls shows the normal state of affairs, so as to allow a comparison with the experiment results, and to help ascertain that the results obtained were due to the factors tested in the experiment, and not a natural occurence/incidence. Having controls in an experiment can thus be said to validate the experiment itself.

What is a good experiment for force?

Try using solar