How thick is silestone?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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2 cm (3/4") or 3 cm (1-1/4").

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Q: How thick is silestone?
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Where can Silestone countertops be purchased from?

Silestone USA has some beautiful countertops for sale on their website. They sell some nice looking sinks as well. Silestone's headquarters are located in Texas.

Where can I find pictures of silestone countertops?

Try looking online at YOu can also go to your local home improvement store to look at displays of silestone countertops.

What is silestone as a ROCK?

a type of rock

Is silestone a good countertop?

Yes, essentially it's a quartz composite. Through its superior strength, incredible beauty and an unparalleled distribution network, quickly is Silestone the first choice for discerning consumers. There are many advantages when you use Silestone: the surface, that is made from natural quartz, is very resistant to stains and scratches, and tends to fluid intake. Silestone offers over 60 Colors for Silestone Küechen worktops, two textures and different formats, It makes the highly versatile. Silestone can be used even in large pieces without any links. Silestone is perfect for use in many applications both in the kitchen and as also in the bathroom.

What is a silestone countertops?

Silestone is a type of Engineered stone quartz surfacing is made from approximately 95% natural quartz and 5% polymer resins.

Can I find a guide online as to how to install silestone countertops?

Stone countertops are very much in demand these days and can increase the value of your home. You can find guides to installing silestone online. Here is link to one of the guides:

Where can I find silestone counter replacements?

Bill Shea's is one of the leading Corian, Silestone, Granite Countertop Replacement companies in New England. If you are searching for Countertop of the kitchen

Which is better granite or silestone?

Granite, Granite is rock you can cut on top of it, place hot pots even start a fire on it and it would not damage the stone, but silestone you cannot do so

How do you cut silestone?

Wet saw, with a diamond tip blade

Is there a glue that will hold Silestone to ceramic tile?

Epoxy or silicone.

What types of surfaces does the company Silestone manufacture?

The company, Silestone mainly manufactures quartz surfaces. It advertises its surfaces as made of natural quartz that comes in a variety of attractive colors for the bathroom and kitchen.

What are the avaliable colors of silestone?

It is always a tough decision as to what color you are going to use when decorating. There are quite a few sites that offer silestone in many colors. Here is one such site: