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A simple formula can be used to calculate the amount the dollar invested is worth over a monthly period. Use PV*(1+R)/N where PV is your present investment, R is your interest rate and N is the number of investment periods.

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Q: How to calculate compound interest using a monthly investment calculator?
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What is an Investment Interest calculator?

An investment interest calculator will calculate the amount of interest that you will have to pay on an investment on a home, car, or other type of big expense.

How can I calculate the expected return on an investment?

To calculate the return on an investment you will fist write down the amount of your total investment including fees and any expenses. Next, write down your loss and finally calculate the return on investment by dividing the profit by total investment. offers a compound interest calculator for your convenience.

Does an auto loan calculator include interest?

An auto loan calculator can only calculate interest if you input the interest data. Otherwise, the calculator has no idea of knowing how much the interest is.

What is a simple mortgage calculator?

A simple mortgage calculator is a tool used to calculate mortgage payments. It simplifies the compound interest process to give users a single payment number.

How does compound interest affect the future value of an investment?


How simple interest and compound interest affect investment exercises?

Compound interest gives you more, but at a low interest rate (less than 10%), the difference is negligible.

What is Principal of 4100 is invested 3.75 interest compounded annually. How much will the investment be worth after 6 years Use the calculator provided and round your answer to the nearest dollar.?

Inserting values into the formula for compound interest, you get:4100 * (1 + 3.75/100) to the power 6.

What is a Compound interest calculator?

A compound interest calculator is used for determining how much your invested money can make you in it's lifetime of being invested. This is useful in telling you how much a certain amount of money will make you when it matures.

What is the annual compound interest rate for an investment account modeled by the function y 12 1.18t?

The annual compound interest rate is 18 percent.

An interest calculator is used for what purpose?

An interest calculator is used to determine the amount of interest to be payed on a form of loan or investment. The principal is multiplied by the interest rate and how the interest compounds is factored in to provide an accurate assessment of interest either payed or received by the persons or entities involved.

Where can I find a CD investment calculator?

Yes, there are many online resources to help you calculate your interest earned. One site is There are many others too, you should have no problem finding them on the web.

What is the true meaning if online investment calculator.?

The true meaning of the online investment calculator is to help you save time and money on estimating your interest and your income, instead of going to the banks and having to pay for someone to do it for you.

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