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Calculate the area of the room.

Calculate the area of the window (or whatever opening)

Room Area*100/Window Area

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Q: How to calculate percentage of natural lighting in a room?
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Natural Lighting?

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What would be considered good lighting in a computer room?

Indirect lighting to cut down on glare. If someone will be spending lots of time in the room, investigate lightening that is closer to natural light.

Interior Lighting?

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Do recessed lighting fixtures provide a natural looking light in a room?

Recessed lighting fixtures can provides inconspicuous light.Recessed lighting offers a clean, streamlined look in a home. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight artwork or other special features.

How do you calculate room rent from owned property?

There are different ways to calculate the rental rate of a room such as using the percentage of square footage of the entire home. This percentage can also be used to figure in a fair amount for utilities to be included.

What are sky lightds used for?

Skylights are used to admit sunlight and also improve airflow in a room ( if they can open)

An action word that discribs lighting?

Illuminating, if you mean lighting up a room.

How can you calculate double occupancy percentage of hotel?

total number of guest - total no of rooms / total number of room *100

Where can one purchase lighting for a living room?

There are many places you can purchase lighting for your living room. Visit a lighting store that specializes in beautiful lamps or you can save a few dollars by going to your local Walmart.

Can you be struck by lighting in a bathtub?

Not likely as you are inside a room.

What can lighting do?

Lighting can make stunning effects eg: x factor in a room looks rubbish but with a lot of lighting it makes it look much better

Will the classic lighting in a room make it more desirable for habitation or will it just make us all very sleepy?

Lighting can change the atmosphere in any room. Soft lighting can make a room feel cozier and isn't as harsh as fluorescent or bright light bulbs. There has been no scientific indication that soft lighting makes us sleepy.

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