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There are several infinite series. To find PI to x digits, evaluate each term to x+2 digits until the value is 0. Then round to x digits.

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Q: How to calculate the value of pi from the infinite series?
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How was the value of pi discovered?

Study of circles. It was derived by mathematicians(Greek?) who developed an infinite series to describe it.

What is the value of pi in decimal places?

Pi has an infinite number of decimal places

How can you estimate the value of an irrational number?

There are different methods for estimating irrational numbers. For numbers like pi or e, there are infinite series which can be used to calculate their value to the required degree of accuracy. There are numerical methods - such as the Newton-Raphson iteration - for estimating roots of numbers.

What value of pi did the Egyptians calculate?

The Egyptians calculated pi to be 3.16.

How can you calculate the exact value of pi?

22 divided by 7 * * * * * That is an APPROXIMATE value of pi. The exact value cannot be calculated since pi is a transcendental number - a special kind of irrational number. It has an infinite decimal representation with no recurring pattern. That would be true in any base - binary, octal, or another base (other than pi itself, or a power of pi).

Given that Pi is infinite would not some long series of it have to repeat now and then?

There are no repeating strings of values in pi.

Is pi an infinite series of digits?

Yes. Pi (π) is an an irrational number. Here are some of the digits: 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105...

How many place values for pi?

infinite number of digits after the decimal point -- pi does not have a finite value.

How pi extracted its value 3.14159.?

Pi written in decimal has an infinite number of decimals. The first digits are 3.14159265.

What is the Numerical figure of pi?

How many places do you want it figured to? 3.14159 is a fairly common answer, but the value of pi is infinite.

Does pi has value?

Yes; around 3.141592. The number is in actuality infinite and irrational.

What is the proper way of accessing the constant Pi of the Math class?

There are various ways: most scientific calculators will give the value of pi to 8-10 decimal places. 3.14159 is sufficient for most normal calculations. Even 3.142 will suffice.There are very many infinite series which converge to pi or a simple function of pi. However, some converge very slowly and others are much more rapid. Search for infinite series for pi on the web for suggestions.

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