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Add a negative dummy variable to the side that was superior, or a positive dummy variable to the side that was inferior.

For example,

X > 5 could be replaced by X-a = 5 or X = 5+b where a and b are positive.

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Q: How to change superiority to equality?
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What did Hazrat Muhammad say about equality of humans?

Hazrat Muhammad says about equality of humans that righteousness was the one criteria to determine one's superiority.

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Equality, by definition, is never unfair. Since the term "Gay Rights" refers to LGBT equality, gay rights cannot by definition be unfair.Opponents of gay rights who feel like they will lose their superiority to gay people may think equality is unpleasant, but never unfair.

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For the better.

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Condescension is an attitude or act of patronizing superiority.

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Broadly speaking, the concerns of women must be balanced against the concerns of men. Women have every right to seek and demand social equality with men, but if they want superiority to men, then there will be problems.

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the superiority of a school is the principal

What is the multiuplication property of Equality?

That means that when you multiply both sides of an equality by the same (non-zero) number or expression, the result set doesn't change.

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His superiority complex made him overconfident.

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