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Contact your local police. If it was reported stolen, it should be in the system.

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Q: How to check if gun serial number is stolen?
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Is there a website in the United States to check the serial number of a gun for being stolen?


You want to know if a gun is stolen by the serial number?

Contact your local police department and give them the serial number. The Police can check on the stolen gun list maintained by the BATFE. If the gun is stolen, the Police will conficate the piece and begin investigation of how it was acquired.

How can you check the serial number on a gun you bought from an individual?

If you think it's stolen, ask the police to run the serial number.

How do you check a serial number on a gun to find out whose name it is in?

You can't. Contact the police if you believe it is stolen.

Is serial number m00014127 a stolen gun?

No way to answer. Sorry.

How can you check that the rifle you bought is not stolen?

call the state police and give them the serial number off the weapon or take it to a gun shop and have them do a check, but if you were smart and bought the gun legally at a gun show or gun dealer the gun will most likely not be stolen due to the background check and gun registry, also if you purchased the gun off of any tom, dick ,or harry and did not have it registered to you, when you call the police or take it to a gun shop to have the serial number checked you will be going to jail because it is a felony to buy a gun and not have it registered to you .

Find out if your gun is stolen?

Contact your local law enforcement. They can check to see if the serial number has been entered as a stolen item. IF there is a report, the officer will need to retain the gun to return it to the owner. They WILL need to have the gun in hand to do this, not over the phone.

Will I get the gun back after reporting it stolen with out now serial number?

No. You won't be returned a firearm which has the serial number removed.

How can you find out if a gun for sale at a garage sale is stolen?

If it has a serial number, ask your local police force to check it out. If it doesn't, it would be almost impossible for anyone to prove it was stolen.

Can you find the owner of a gun through its serial number in the state of Michigan?

Check with the Michigan local or state police.They could tell if it was stolen or not.

How can a stolen gun be found once its stolen?

Wait for it to get flagged when it is bought/sold or wait for someone to get caught with it by the police. The police typically check the serial number of a gun when it is found or somehow involved in a crime or traffic stop.

How do you tell if the gun is stolen before you purchse the weapon.?

Have the police run the serial number.