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Q: How to die without hurting yourself?
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Related questions

How do you break your arm without hurting in?

There is no way without hurting yourself because it will hurt

How can you make yourself pass out without hurting yourself?

you can make yourself pass out without hurting yourself by.... not breathing well, fainting, or maybe even taking a medication you didnt know what it was that may have expired

Why do you bruise whiteout actually hurting yourself?

Why do I bruise without actually hurting myself

How do you die without it hurting?

Meaning a human being, it would have to be to shoot yourself. But if it was an animal same thing i would guess.

How do you make her laugh without hurting yourself?

Tell a joke?

How do you pop your legs without hurting yourself?

by exercising everyday

How can you cut your self with out it hurting?

You cannot cut yourself without it hurting. Do not continue to cut yourself, as it will just cause more damage to yourself. If you continue to cut yourself, seek the advise of your parents or a close friend.

How do you make yourself bleed without hurting yourself?

if you dont have nerves you could do it but sense we do you cant sorry

How can you give yourself a black eye without hurting yourself?

Put make-up on around the eye, or ues a black marker.

How do you get sick overnight fever without hurting yourself?

sleep with blanket and jacket on

Easy ways to hurt yourself without little pain?

you do not want to hurt yourself, your not only hurting yourself, but the ones you love as well

How do you crack your neck without hurting yourself?

Just make sure you do it slowly. If you know that you might hurt yourself, then don't do it at all.

What is a good wrestling finisher to do on a hard ground without hurting yourself?

Sweet Chin Music?

Is there a tree whos trunk is so soft you can punch it without hurting yourself?

Sequoiadendron giganteum. Wellingtonia.

How do you get your baby tooth out without hurting yourself?

It might hurt but eat something crunchy like an apple without swallowing, gently take it out!

Can you walk through solid objects?

It would be impossible to walk through solid objects without breaking them or hurting yourself.

How do you light your feet on fire without hurting yourself?

you stand on your head and then do it but put oil on your feet so the oil burns not you

Can you lose your baby by hitting yourself hard as you can in your stomache?

Not likely, babies are very well protected inside the womb. You can't really do anything like that without hurting yourself.

Will you die if you cut your wrist?

if you cut to deep, yes. BUT you shouldn't be cutting at all. you should seek counseling, to find other ways to find the same release without hurting yourself

What is the quickest easiest way to lose 5 pounds without hurting yourself or eating up to 500 calories?

diet and exercise.

How do you get a guy to yourself if he has as a girlfriend without hurting the other girl?

It is unlikely that you can take another girl's boyfriend away from her without hurting her. In theory, the way to do it would be to find another guy that this girl will like even more than her current boyfriend whom you wish to have for yourself, and arrange for them to get together. But such manipulations are very difficult to accomplish. You would be better off finding a different boyfriend for yourself, who is available and has no previous commitment.

What is the phobia of hurting yourself?


How do you set your hands on fire without hurting yourself?

you don't. i think naphtha based lighting fluid will work though. not sure.

How do you cover self harm scars?

I understand this is not the answer you want but listen closely. I need you to stop hurting yourself if you still are because nkt only are you hurting yourself but you are also hurting those around you. You are beautiful and I want you to remember that. Happy holidays!

How do you lose weight fast without hurting yourself?

To lose weight fast without harming the body use a healthy and realistic diet and exercise regiment. Eat small nutritious meals and exercise to burn calories.

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