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To calculate square footage you need to multiply the length by the width. L x W = Sq.Ft.

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Q: How to figure sq. ft. for kitchen counter-top?
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How much does a formica countertop weigh?

HPL countertop is normally about 3lbs. per sq. ft.

Figure how many acres in 60000 sq ft?

(60,000 sq ft) / (43,560 sq ft / acre) = 1.3774 acre (rounded)

What will it cost to tile a kitchen floor that is 12 ft wide by 20 ft long if the tile cost 8.91 per square yard?

Kitchen is 12 x 20 which is 240 sq ft. 9sq ft = 1sq yd 240sq ft/9sq ft = 26.6667 sq yds 26.6667 sq yds x $8.91 per sq yd = $237.60

You want to replace the countertops in a kitchen. 1 counter measures 24 inches by 6 feet. The other is 30 inches by 4 feet. If the new countertop costs 42.00 per square foot what will be the cost?

2 x 6 = 12 2.5 x 4 = 10 22 x 42 = $924.00

Figure out total sq ft of a room?

Length times width.

How do you figure out the sq ft of a driveway?

The answer depends on the shape of the driveway, and its dimensions.

How do you figure the sq footage of a room?

Length times width. 10x12 room is 120 sq. ft.

How much paint needed for a room?

A gallon of average paint will cover about 300 sq. ft. -Now you figure out your room dimensions in sq. ft.

How much would it cost to build a 7000 square foot house in seattle?

Figure $80 to $150 a sq foot. 7000 sq ft @ $80/sq ft = $560,000

How many square feet in kitchen size 16'10 X 13'4?

i think 2660 sq inch 18.47222 sq ft.

What is the average size of a commercial kitchen?

According to the Restaurant Insurance Corp, the average commercial kitchen is 2000 sq feet. Another good rule of thumb is for every person served you need 15 sq ft. So for 100 people you need 1500 sq ft.

How do you figure sq ft of scalene triangle?

It is: 0.5*base*perpendicular height

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