How to get Square footage for counter tops?

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The area of an L-shaped countertop is most easily calculated by

dividing the region into rectangles, like this:



| |

| |24

| |

| |


60| | 56

| |

| |36

| |

| |

| |



The two rectangles are 24 by 80 inches and 24 by 36 inches. Thus the

area is:

24 * 80 + 24 * 36 = 24 * (80 + 36)

= 24 * 116

= 2784 sq. in.

To get it in square feet, divide by 144:

2784 / 144 = 19.33 sq. ft.

The linear measure of this countertop would be

60 + 80 = 140 inches

= 140/12 feet

= 11.67 feet

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2008-02-25 19:28:43
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Q: How to get Square footage for counter tops?
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