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Easy u add 24 and 70 then divide that answer by 7 and then subtract it by 7 and that will = 27

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Q: How to get the Order of operations to equal 27?
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What order of operations equal 29?

With the appropriate set of numbers, any order can be used.

When following the order of operations what is 8 times plus 2 equal?


what is (623-273)+73x27 รท426?

354.626760563 Order of operations: (623 - 273) + ((73 x 27) / 426)

When excel follows the order of operations what does the formula 8 plus 3 times 2 equal?


Why is that net income does not equal cash provided by operations?

Why is that net income does not equal cash provided by operations?

Can 27 equal to 46?

No. 27 can not be equal 46 .

What does mean if a calculator follows the order of operations?

It means that the calculator can follow the order of operations and do the order of operations for you but, you need to know how to do them on your own too.

How can order of operations be changed?

If you put in parentheses, you can change the order of operations in many cases, as parentheses come before everything in the order of operations.

What does twelve minus six multiply by two equal?

0 Order of operations dictates you multiply before you subtract.

In an order of operations problem if there is a parentheses do the order of operations rules apply in the parentheses?


What does 27 -18 equal?


What acronym can be usedbto remember the order of operations?

BODMAS is the acronym that can be used to remember the order or operations.

Why do you have to use order of operations for every problem?

Because if you perform the operations in a different order your answer will be wrong.

Are all calculators able to compute order of operations?

Can all calcuator solve order of operations

Why do you have to use the order of operations?

We have to use the order of operations so everyone solves a problem the same.

What does the order of operations mean?

order of operations means if you do something to one side, you have to do it to the other side.

Why is it necessary to study order of operations and laws of operations before you solve equations?

Because if you did operations in an impermissible order, or violated laws of operations, then your solution to the equation is wrong.

Is 18 over 27 equal to 1 over 9?

No. 18/27 is equal to 2/3 1/9 is equal to 3/27 18/27 is equal to 6/9

What is combination of operations on variables and numbers called?

the order of operations

What are the two last operations in the order of operations?

The last two operations in P.E.M.D.A.S are 'addition' and 'subtraction'.

What professions use order of operations?

No professions use order of operations. It is just a method of solving an equation.

Why is it important to apply order of operations when evaluating expressions?

If you change the order of operations, you will get a different result. The person who wrote the expression had a specific order of operations in mind (using generally-accepted rules), so arbitrarily using some other order of operations is, quite simply, wrong.

what is 5a - 36 49?

a (the variable) would equal 17. in order of inverse operations: * 49+36=85 * 85/5=17

What is 3 by the power of 3 equal to?

3^3 is equal to 27.

How does the order of operations relate to solving multi-step equations?

The order of operations relate to solving multi-step equations because you are following the order of operations just in a backwards way.