How to install knn filter in 220 bike?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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You need to visit any mechanic, to fit in ur bike.

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Q: How to install knn filter in 220 bike?
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Is there a cool air intake for weber carburetors?

Yes knn makes a phenlum with an adapter plate and you can customize the piping to the air filter

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assuming you're talkin about the k&n filter. it has the same purpose as a car. if you run a high flow exhaust you need a high flow filter to keep up. more flow out needs more flow in. a combustion motor is nothing more that a glorified air pump.

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What would happen if you spray to much oil on your knn airfilter ontop of your carbertaor?

The gauze won't absorb it all and it will drip. It could get into the carburetor too.

How do you change the engine air filter on a '97 2L Jetta?

Your looking for a black box on the passenger side of the engine almost all the way up front, just before the headlights. I believe there are a couple of clips along with a couple of thick black rubber bands on the side walls of this box. detach these and you will be able to pull the top off just enough to pull out the old filter and replace it with a new one(my personal suggestion is to replace it with a knn filter). then all that's left is to close her back up.

How do you add more horse power to a 92 Cadillac Sedan Deville 49 liter V8?

i have the 1995 with same engine 4.9 i put dual flow master exaust a magnaflow catalac converter droped a knn filter in the box and added a performace chip my caddi sound like a monster coming down the street and has a lot more horse power

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