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Change the whole number into an improper fraction with the same denominator as the fraction and then subtract accordingly

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Q: How to subtract a fraction from a whole number?
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How to subtract a mixed number from a whole number?

You convert the mixed numeral into an improper fraction. Now subtract the improper fraction from the whole number by putting the whole number over 1.

How do your borrow from a whole number when subtracting fractions?

A mixed number has a whole number and a fraction. A fraction is a number that is less than whole and that has a denominator underneath a numerator. To add or subtract mixed numbers, add or subtract the fractions, then add or subtract the whole numbers. If the fraction portion of a mixed number, such as 2 5/6, is more than the fraction portion of the mixed number you're trying to subtract from, such as 3 1/6, you must borrow from the whole number of the mixed number you're trying to subtract from to make its fraction bigger... Please comment on my answers I do not have a Facebook account...

When you subtract fraction with whole numbers and you have to borrow them can you borrow the whole number twice?


How do you subtract a whole number with a fraction from a whole number?

The recommended method in schools is to write the whole number as a rational fraction with denominator 1, and then proceed as you would for subtracting one fraction from another fraction.

When you subtract a mixed number from a whole number what will the answer be?

It will be either a mixed fraction or a proper fraction, positive or negative.

How do you subtract an improper fraction from a whole number?

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How do you subtract fractions from whole numbers?

turn the whole number into an inproper fraction by doing this: multiply it by the denominator of the fraction.that answer is your numerator make the fractions denominator the whole number's denominator.then subtract just the should have an improper fraction as your final answer, so turn that into a mixed number.

What does it mean to divide a fraction by a whole number?

It means how many times you can subtract the whole number from the fraction before you reach zero. Assuming you've not got a mixed fraction, the whole number will only be able to be subtracted a fractional number of times.

How do you add and subtract frations with a whole number with a fraction?

Express the mixed fraction as an improper fraction and then proceed as you would with ordinary fractions. If the answer is an improper fraction, then remember to convert to a mixed fraction.

How can you subtract mixed numbers when the fraction in the first mix number is less than the fraction in the second mixed number?

Yes, you can but you need to "rename" the whole part of the first mixed number.

What should be subtracted from number 2789 to make it divisible by 10?

2,789/10= 2,78.9. Just move the decimal place over one spot. So, if the answer has to be a whole number, not a fraction, then please subtract 9 from the number to get 2,780. No fraction.

What is a subtracting mixed number?

Subtracting a mixed number is just subtracting fractions but with a whole number by a fraction. To subtract tun the mixed numbers into improper fractions and find the common denominator. Then you subtract the numerators.