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You would write it like this 200,000,000,000+ 30,000,000,000+ 8,000,000,000+ 500,000,000+ 40,000,000+ 2,000,000+ 600,000+ 50,000+ 1.

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Q: How to write 238 542 650 001 in expanded form?
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What is 238 in expanded form?


How do you write 238 in word form?

238 = two hundred thirty-eight.

What is the exponential expanded form of 238?

238 = (2 x 10^2) + (3 x 10^1) + (8 x 10^0)

What is the expanded form of 4.23?

Expanded form means writing each piece out separately. So you look at the numbers in each of the place values and write what that number represents. For example, 234. The 2 is in the hundreds place, which means 200. The 3 is in the tens place, which means 30. And the 4 is in the ones place, which means 4. So you'd have 200 + 300 + 4. This would be the expanded form of the number 238.

How do you write 238 in words form?

Two hundred thirty-eight.

How do you write .238 in word form?

Two hundred thirty-eight thousandths.

How to write 238 in word form?

two hundred thirty-eight.

What is 238 million in standard form?

238 million in standard form is 2.38 × 108

How would you write 238 as a roman numeral?


Where does the element plutonium come from?

Uranium 238 is bombarded by neutrons, and forms Neptunium 238. Neptunium decays to form Plutonium 238.

How do you write .238?

two hundred thirty-eight thousandths.

What is number 238 on the national pokedex?

#238 - Smoochum A Psychic/Ice Pokemon. Evolved Form: Jynx.

What is the exponent form for 8?

238 = 2x4 = 2x2x2 = 23.

What is the simplest form of 128 over 238?


How do you write half life of uranium 238 as a standard number?

The half-life of the isotope uranium-238 is 4 468 000 000 years.

How do you spell 238 in word form?

two hundred thirty-eight

What is 35 over 238 in simplest form?

The fraction 35/238 is equal to 5/34. (divide both by common factor 7)

What is 238 as a fraction?

238 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 238/1. You can then calculate equivalent rational fractions if you multiply both, its numerator and denominator, by any non-zero integer.

Write the full atomic symbols for uranium 235 and 238?

The correct symbols are: 235U and 238U.

What is the square root of -238?

√(-238) = i√238 ≈ ±15.43i

What is 52 percent of 238?

52% of 238= 52% * 238= 0.52 * 238= 123.76

For what kind of fossils would uranium-238 be used to determine absolute age?

Uranium-238 occurs in some igneous rocks and decays to form lead-206.

How does uranium turn into thorium in equation form?

The reaction is:U-238(alpha)Th-234

Electrons in uranium?

The most stable form of uranium (U-238) contains 92 electrons.

When uranium -238 decays to form thorium-234 the uranium nucleus emitts?

Uranium 238 is aan alpha particles emitter: halflife 4,468.109 years, energy 4,270 MeV.