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program to find maximum of two numbers using pointers

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Q: How to write a C program to find largest 2 numbers using pointers?
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What will be the program to arrange numbers stored in array in ascending order using pointers?


How do you write a c program to find largest of 3 numbers using pointers?

Find the largest of two, then find the largest of that value and the third value. int* max (int* a, int* b) { return (a*) > (b*) ? a : b; } int* max_of_three (int* a, int* b, int* c) { return max (max (a, b), c); }

How do you find the biggest of n numbers using pointers in C?


Write a c program to copy two strings using pointers?

nahi malum

How do you write c program to perform sum of elements of matrix using pointers with functions?

i cant write

How do you run graphics program in C?

pro c language to implement linear search using pointers

How to write a program that ask user to enter numbers until user enter- 0 then find the biggest of entered numbers in C programming using while or do while?

int i, largest=0;do { scanf ("Enter a number (0 to exit): %d", i); if (i>largest) largest=i; } while (i!=0); printf ("Largest number is: %d\n", largest);

C program to find the largest among three numbers using ternary operator?

max = a > b ? a : b; max = max > c ? max : c;

Program to count the number of numbers in an array using 8085 microprocessor?

A program which is used to count the number of numbers in an array using a 8085 microprocessor is known as a assembly language program.

Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers?

906609=913*993 I found this using a relatively simple computer program that I wrote.

How do you write a C program to copy to strings using pointers?

mystrcpy (char* dest, char* src) { while ((*dest++ = *src++) != '\0); }

What are the three largest numbers that can be made using the digits?

depends on your answer