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"Was" and still is...

Much the same way as any other cultural advancement: trade, travel, desires for learning and improvement, exchanges of ideas, publications, conferences...

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Q: How was mathematics spread throughout the world?
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What Western aspects of culture have spread throughout the world?

Modern clothes, the Western idea of materialism have spread throughout the world.

The policy of the US toward the soviet union after ww 2 was shaped by?

The policy of the US toward the Soviet Union after WWII was shaped by a belief that the Soviets intended to spread Communism throughout the world.

Did the Renaissance spread anywhere else?

Yes, it spread throughout the whole world

How has bubble gum spread throughout the world?

Answer it yourself!

How did the influence of rhetoric spread throughout the world?

How did the influence of rhetoric spread throughout the world? As democratic ideals spread throughout Europe and the American colonies, rhetoric shifted back from religious to political discourse. Political philosophers and revolutionaries used rhetoricas a weapon in their campaign to spread liberty and freedom.

What did Islamists spread throughout the Old World?

Purda system

How did Jewish ideas spread througout the Mediterranean world?

The Jewish settled in may parts of the world by the Mediterranean, witch spread throughout their world.

Is worldwide a noun?

Worldwide (or world-wide) is an adjective. Meaning spread throughout the world

Who was the leader who spread the Greek culture?

Alexander the great spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world

How did Hinduism Spread throughout the world?

Hinduism is spread by the president of the united states long ago he met them and told them they could go around the world and spread there culture.

Where has the telephone spread throughout the world?

Since the advent and rapid spread of the mobile phone and satellite phone, I believe it has spread everywhere!

Many Jesuits became what and spread Catholicism throughout the world?