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The quadratic formula can be derived by used a method called completing the square. It's like using algebra to solve for x.

The process is explained the related link "Derivation of Quadratic Formula".

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Q: How was the quadratic formula developed?
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What is the quadratic formula for?

The quadratic formula is used to solve the quadratic equation. Many equations in which the variable is squared can be written as a quadratic equation, and then solved with the quadratic formula.

Aryabhatta's quadratic formula's?

aryabhatt's quadratic formula

When do you use the Quadratic Formula in math?

you use the quadratic formula in math when the quadratic equation you are solving cannot be factored.

What is the difference between quadratic formula and quadratic equation?

There are an infinite number of different quadratic equations. The quadratic formula is a single formula that can be used to find the pair of solutions to every quadratic equation.

Is the quadratic formula used in Europe equivalent to the quadratic formula used in America?


What is the origin of the quadratic formula?

The quadratic formula is derived by completing the square. That is as much as I can tell you.

Is it OK to use the quadratic formula if the given quadratic trinomial is not factorable?

Well, if the given quadratic equation cannot be factored, nor completed by the square, try using the quadratic formula.

What formula name that gives the solutions for x in a quadratic equation?

This formula is called the quadratic formula.

Grade level of quadratic formula?

8th grade upto college will study the quadratic Formula. ~ I'm in the 6th grade and I study the quadratic formula...

What is quadratics or the quadratic formula?

The quadratic formula is: Image Source:

What is the graph of a quadratic formula?

In general, quadratic equations have graphs that are parabolas. The quadratic formula tells us how to find the roots of a quadratic equations. If those roots are real, they are the x intercepts of the parabola.

What formula do architects use?

quadratic formula

Can the answer to a quadratic equation be a decimal?

Yes. You can calculate the two roots of a quadratic equation by using the quadratic formula, and because there are square roots on the quadratic formula, and if the radicand is not a perfect square, so the answer to that equation has decimal.

Solve this quadratic equation using the quadratic formula?

For any quadratic ax2 + bx + c = 0 we can find x by using the quadratic formulae: the quadratic formula is... [-b +- sqrt(b2 - 4(a)(c)) ] / 2a

What did you choose completing the square or quadratic formula and why?

Quadratic formula. It's easier to remember and you have to do less work.

How do you solve quadratic?

By using the quadratic formula. (-b±√b2-4ac)/(2a)

What is an equation that can be used in quadratic formula completing the square and factoring?

A quadratic equation.

Why do mathmaticians use the quadratic formula?

To find the roots (solutions) of a quadratic equation.

What part of the a quadratic formula tells you when the quadratic equation can be solved by factoring?

The discriminant

What does quadratic formula find?

When an equation cannot be solved for "x" to find the zeroes, the quadratic formula can be used instead for the same purpose.

When solving a quadratic equation by factoring what method is used?

Using the quadratic equation formula is a method of solving quadratic equations.

What is the name of quadratic formula?

Its called 'swami dhadacharya' formula

How can you find the complex solutions of any quadratic equation?

I suggest you use the quadratic formula.

What are the solutions to the quadratic formula?

The quadratic formula is x=-b (+or-) square root of b2-4ac all over 2a

What career uses quadratic formula?

All types of engineering professions use the quadratic formula since it applies to ordinary differential equations.

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