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Witch KillingThe most common form of execution was burning at the stake. Fortunately, it was common to considerately strangle the "witch" and then burn the body, but still untold thousands were burned alive. There are instances of death in the course of the water treatment or "ducking." It also was common that the accused died during or as a result of torture. In these cases, they were sometimes burned in effigy after the fact. Witches were also hanged as this was a popular method of death at the time!
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Q: How were witches killed in the Renaissance?
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How did they test if people were witches in the Renaissance?

witches weren't around in the renaissance moron! do your research

How many witches were killed in the renaissance?

According to trial records and taking into account that not all records survive it is estimated at between 40,000 to about 100,000.

How many victims were killed by witches in the Salem?

The witches - or rather, people accused of being witches - were the victims.

Why did the church hate witches in the renaissance?

Because they thought of them as evil.

How were the witches killed in Salem?

Hanging. And the were no witches in Salem. The accused were completely innocent.

Who killed witches?

people, priests, people believe in goodness and they believe that witches are evil

How did cats and brooms become associated with witches on Halloween?

witches killed cats with brooms

Are witches inoccent?

witches don't exist but the people killed because people thought they were witches are Innocent in movies and films they are evil

Witches were welcomed into Puritan society?

No - women accused of being witches were hunted tortured and killed.

Why were so many convicted witches killed?

People were scared of what witches could or would do with their power. They considered all witches evil, which was not, in fact, the case. Indeed, there were evil witches, but there were also good witches.

Who almost killed bill rago in the movie renaissance man?

no one killed bill rago in the movie renaissance man

How were the Salem witches treated?

On the whole, they were usually killed.

How did they kill Salem witches?

There were no witches killed. 19 Christians were hanged, because they would not falsely confess to witchcraft.

Were the three withches killed in Macbeth?

The Witches forecast the downfall of Macbeth and then vanish. (not killed by anyone)

How were most witches killed in Britain?

Most of them were burned on a stake.

Did Macbeth killed king Duncan because of the witches predictions?

Indirectly, perhaps. Macbeth killed Duncan because Lady Macbeth manipulated him into doing it, and she did that because he had told her about the witches' prophecies.

How many witches were killed in Europe during witch huntihg?


What were the Salem withch trials?

A period of time when supposed witches were killed. I say supposed because hardly any of the accused were, in reality, witches.

What happened to witches in James 1st era?

They all were killed. ....and burnt ....alive

How many witches were killed by hanging as a result of the Salem witch trials?


How many witches did mathew Hopkins kill?

148 were killed because of his accusations.

Would Macbeth have killed Duncan if the witches had not predicted it or was it his fate?

Macbeth would not have killed Duncan if he had not been pushed into it by his wife, and she does not seem to have thought of the idea of being queen until she heard about what the witches said. So no, Macbeth would probably not have killed Duncan had the witches not told him the prediction. However, he might have become king anyway even without killing Duncan.

How were witches executed in europe?

Witches were killed in a variety of ways. If they actually made it through the torturing without dying then they were likely burned alive or hung.

How many witches are in the world?

As far as scientist know, 0. The Salem Witch Trials, however, was a time when people were accused of being witches and were killed.

How witches were tried?

basically, if you were a woman, you were a witch, you were arrested, tortured, and killed. Some men were killed to but once you were accused it was game over.